Christmas baby?

24 12 2007

Did you know that if you’re walking the mall in the hopes of going into labor that you’ve got the perfect excuse for all those salespeople who like to jump out from behind their kiosks and accost you and try to make you listen to them talk about the amazing benefits of a spa foot massager? My mom must have told them all 12 times each that I was in labor and we had to GO, we could not listen to their spiel, CAN’T YOU SEE THE BABY IS ABOUT TO FALL OUT? They all backed off, fear in their eyes. Even the ones we’d already given this same excuse to the day before, and the day before that. Works every time.

What mall walking doesn’t work for? MAKING YOU GO INTO ACTUAL LABOR. Great for pretend labor, yes. But not so much for the actual labor pains, you know, the ones that mean something. I’ve been having contractions, though, for the past two or three weeks. The problem is that they haven’t been regular at all. It’s really frustrating to have the pain, but not the labor and the little bundle at the end. I was starting to think I’d be ringing in 2008, still pregnant.

However! There is FINALLY a light at the end of my tunnel. Just got back from my 41 week check up, and lo and behold, I am 4cm dilated! I was monitored for awhile and the nurses and doctor saw that I am contracting, sometimes every 2 minutes, sometimes every 6. So they sent me home to walk up and down the stairs (our only stairs are outside, this should be fun) and told me to come back in a few hours, and hopefully we’ll be good to go…

And I know I posted a belly pic last week with the words “hopefully this’ll be the last one of these…” but I was wrong, because here we go again, one last time, for REAL this time: the belly, 41 weeks…


Now I’m off to find something, ANYTHING, to eat for lunch that I won’t be regretting a few hours later when I’m (hopefully) on the delivery table. And to walk those stairs.

Oh, yeah, and also to find that crazy woman who convinced herself that she’d be having this baby on Thanksgiving and give her a good talking to. Way to set oneself up for disappointment, moron…



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24 12 2007
ethans oma

Awww, but you’re MY little, beautiful moron (sorry, I don’t know how to do that thing everyone does where you cross out the word, cause I really don’t think you’re a moron). Good luck sweetie, I wish I could be there with you. I am with you in spirit….kiss my new little Christmas elf for me, please…..tear, tear, sniff, sniff.

24 12 2007

Awwww, yay! Baby time! I can’t wait to hear the news!

24 12 2007

Caley, you should name the baby Luke because he will be born on Christmas (or Christmas Eve) and the Book of Luke tells of the birth of Christ. Perfect. Your name problem is solved!

24 12 2007

Good luck girl! Hopefully you won’t be in the hospital for Christmas, but I guess you don’t want to be at home in labor for that either.

My dad is a Christmas baby and his middle name is Noel if you’re looking for names.

25 12 2007

Ahhhh push it…push it real good…I bet you are so tired of the word “push” at this point! I’m sorry your mom missed it, but I’m glad you finally popped that kid out…although you’d think after all the waiting, he could have held on for a few more hours to be an actual Christmas baby. I’m sure he was worth the wait, though.

There will be a congratulations dinner coming your way soon 🙂

Happy Christmas!

25 12 2007

I am so happy for you three!

27 12 2007

Hi, I found your site through Swistle and just wanted to say congratulations!! I’m a Christmas Day baby myself…I always tell my mom I was the best present she ever received. =)

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