Frustrated, and a budding photographer

19 12 2007

40 weeks, 1 day (yesterday):

I woke up at 4:30am to what I thought was my water breaking. Apparently it wasn’t, says Labor & Delivery. However, says L&D, all signs indicate that its just a matter of time! Contractions will be starting soon! Make childcare arrangements! Give us a call when the contractions are 5 minutes apart for an hour and unbearable! And then come on down!

Fast forward about 12 hours: I’ve spent the day walking the mall yet again (and thus buying more stuff that I didn’t know I needed- I’m talking to YOU, Auntie Anne’s buttery pretzel), and all I’ve managed to accomplish is some shooting, stabbing pains. No contractions. Just random shooting pains, way down low. Jeff and I decided to go see Beowulf last night, and then right before we left, the pain got so bad that I couldn’t walk. So we called L&D again, who told us to come in.

Fast forward another couple of hours: we’re back at home after L&D monitoring the baby (fine) and I (also fine) for a little while. They did an ultrasound, too, and everything is fine. That pain? Round ligament pain, the doctor said. Due to the baby’s position, most likely.

So, basically, its nothing anyone can do anything about. And I’m not in labor. And the house is a mess and I can’t clean it. And my husband is out to lunch for some holiday party (lunch at a restaurant, with real live people; Ethan and I just finished our grilled cheese sandwiches). He’s out, and I’m at home, NOT in labor, and therefore sending him nasty texts because… well, who else am I going to take out my frustration on other than the guy who did this to me? Oh, AND I never got my freaking movie popcorn.

Sigh. Looks like I’m gonna be giving this lady a run for her money.


Since my mom is leaving soon and won’t be back till after Christmas, she gave Ethan a few of his Christmas presents to open this morning. One of them was this camera, and Ethan LOVES it. He’s already filled the memory card three times. He even tested out its “kidtoughness” by repeatedly dropping it and saying “…Aaaand DROP! Aaaand DROP! Aaaand DROP!”  His studies found that the camera is indeed considerably tough.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll share some of his amazing photos each week, you know, if this present doesn’t fall victim to the same curse as all other Christmas presents of Christmases past seem to, wherein toys are AWESOME the first day, and then lost in the bottom of the toy box by the next.

Here’s the first:


Mommy’s Belly, by Ethan



5 responses

19 12 2007

You should call the underwriter’s laboratory and see if Ethan can get an early internship! They’d love to have someone else in the lab, trying to break stuff!

Oh! Or at Epcot, the part sponsered by UL! They let you drop a sledge hammer on a TV screen!

19 12 2007

Just stopping by from a tag on – I was due on the 17th too and still hanging out – just thought I’d drop a note and offer some sympathy. Lol. 🙂

19 12 2007

If you had the baby on Christmas, would you give the baby a Christmas-related name? (See, I go right to what’s REALLY IMPORTANT: the baby name implications of this situation.)

20 12 2007

Best wishes on having that baby soon!! I too know the woes of the final days of pregnancy. It’s so nice to be not pregnant. Two weeks have passed already… time is already flying.
Merry Christmas!

23 12 2007

Its been three and a half days since this last post… you haven’t popped the kid out, have you?

We just home with ours yesterday (Sat) afternoon. Our first night has been… an adventure.

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