Centimeters and shopping, Santa and decisions

17 12 2007

Here’s the lowdown: My doctor escaped a swift kick in the head when he informed me this morning that I’m 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. 2cm is nothing, really, when you look at how far I have to go, but 2cm is also EVERYTHING, really, considering that I was ZERO cm a week ago. It means that things are happening! And that I don’t have to plan for the world’s first birth of a 2 year old! Which is just what I’ve been fearing lately. (Because, seriously, how does one prepare for that?)

So we left the hospital, and in the elevator on the way out I had my first post-membrane-stripping contraction. And they have continued ever since, though not regularly or following any kind of pattern, and not really painful, as far as labor pains/contractions go. My mom and I took Ethan to the mall where we walked around for nearly 3 hours, hoping that would help. It did not. We did, however, find lots of good deals on baby clothes at Macy’s, which is a place I have never shopped for baby clothes before, due to the fact that the outfits just look way too nice and soft and pretty to put on a baby who’s just going to spray things all over them. However, when your mother is paying, you don’t argue. Especially when she’s telling you to pick out one more thing because “we need to get our total up to $100 if we want to use this 25% off coupon!”

(Speaking of the awesomeness of mothers, mine is out in my kitchen right now making me her famous yummy garlic-ey onion-ey cheesy potatoes. Just because. How cool is she?)

Our roaming about the mall eventually brought us to the “house” where “Santa” was sitting, amidst some fluffy glittery “snow” and lots of rambunctious “children.” (Did I go overboard with the quotes there?) I hadn’t had any intentions of bringing Ethan to see Santa, partly because I was so sure he’d be afraid of him, partly because Jeff (who was raised without the magic of Santa) doesn’t want Santa Claus to be a part of Ethan’s Christmases. (I did believe in Santa when I was little, and thus wanted to pass that along to Ethan, so as you can imagine this has been a bit of an issue for us.) But… here we were, and there he was… so we figured we might as well. I coached Ethan on what to do and what to say, even though I was sure it was a waste of time since he’d go nowhere near that scary man. He surprised me though, and instead of acting out his fear in violence, he was merely shy, and willing to sit on my lap next to Santa, and answer “train” when asked what he wanted for Christmas. In fact, I was more creeped out by the guy than Ethan was, close-talker that he was, and his odd interest in my pregnancy… shudder.

Also, did you know that if you want your child’s picture taken with Santa, you have to pay a hundred dollars? Not really a hundred, but dude- the cheapest package, a 3×5 photo (that’s the size of an index card!) and a keychain photo, was $19.99! I wasn’t about to pay 20 bucks for a picture of Ethan crying on some stranger’s lap. Nor was my mother. So she waited until the unhappy customers who’d been ahead of us in the line had the “elves” distracted with their arguments over prices, hid in the holly and managed to snap this one on her phone:


Good enough for me. Although, not good enough for me? The lollipop Ethan was given when we left. Um, hello? What happened to candy canes?? They’re only the Official Candy of Christmas. Lollipops are for… fairs. Carnivals, maybe. Not overpriced visits to mall Santas.

So anyway, all that walking didn’t start things a-movin’. Today’s appointment did give us a Plan, though, for the next two weeks. If I haven’t come in to the hospital on my own, in the throes of labor, before Wednesday morning, my doctor said he’d have me come in then and get checked again. And if conditions are favorable (meaning I’ve progressed to like, 3 or 4cm), then if I want to, we may go ahead and induce then. If I haven’t progressed, or if I don’t want to induce, it’s back home to play the waiting game some more. Then I’ve got my 41 week check up scheduled for Monday (Christmas eve), and an induction scheduled for Friday, the 28th. If I make it to the 29th, Jeff wins 50 bucks from someone at work. But I’m hoping we won’t reach the bet-winning point in The Plan.

Now I am left to not only decide on a name (yeah, still haven’t done that), but also decide if- favorable conditions present- I want to induce. Which I don’t think I do. But… do I want to spend Christmas in a military hospital? Hmm…. I’ve got some thinking to do. Some thinking, and some eating, because cheesy potatoes are done!



6 responses

18 12 2007

That photo is awesome. It makes Santa seem more REAL than when it’s a shot of him posed with a child.

Lollipop? That is so wrong.

I heard a name I liked the other day: Ruben. Cute!

18 12 2007

i wasn’t raised WITHOUT santa! i was merely never lied to. my parents wrote “from: mom and dad” on my presents and not “from: santa”. they never insisted that santa was real and that i’d better be a good boy or he wouldn’t come down our non-exsistent chimney on christmas eve.

18 12 2007

I have one of the awesomest moms too, but could I borrow yours for like a weekend – to make me cheesy potatoes and buy my baby clothes?

One of my friends was raised without believing in Santa, and though I see the point to their side, something in me hurts a wee bit at the thought of taking something so magical away from a kid when they still believe in magic. I mean, they have 80 years to not believe and be jaded. It’s only a few to enjoy “Santa”. That being said, I see each side and think everyone has a right to raise their child whichever way they want. I’m sure you make Christmas incredibly special for Ethan, Santa or not.

I am hoping this baby waits until after Christmas for you!

I was induced after my water broke 5 weeks early with no contractions, and that was NOT fun and I DO NOT recommended it. Cervadil and pitocin are works of the devil. I sincerely hope you are able to progress without them!!

18 12 2007

I was induced with Lauren and thought everything would happen quickly. At 7am they broke my water and at 5pm they decided a C-Section was in order. Matt and I both think that I was so doped up that I couldn’t feel ANYTHING and that was why I had to have the C-Section. So, you know that it is safe to have to baby now, but you may want to consider that if you are induced, it may end in an unplanned C-Section. Just a thought…. 🙂

18 12 2007

You were induced with Ethan, right?

18 12 2007

That’s too funny! My husband was also raised to believe that there is no santa, and I was raised with santa. So looks like our boys will be the mean ones at school that tells all the other kids that there isn’t a santa and ruins their lives. At least I’m not the only one facing that one someday!

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