Don’t alert the media…

12 12 2007

I’m still pregnant.


Impending Due Date = Stress.

Holidays = Even More Stress.

Impending Due Date + Holidays = the desire to pull every hair out of my soon-to-be-balding-if-the-last-postpartum-period-taught-me-anything head.




4 responses

12 12 2007

You are funny! You are almost there!

12 12 2007
ethans oma

Hang in there, honey…Mom’s on the way, to tell you corny jokes and try to kick you out of the house so you might feel like an adult again, or just drive you crazy–

12 12 2007

Just a few more days! Hang in there!

Oh, and I just about love your mom up there. Can she come be my Mommy #2?

12 12 2007

Keep hanging in there, Caley! I keep awaiting your phone call, but alas, you still are pregnant! Holler if you need anything!

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