5 12 2007

A few of the things I’m liking right now, that all happen to be brown…



Oh, Star Crunch. You are an acceptable substitution for your older, prettier sister, the Christmas Tree, when the grocery store is all sold out and I can’t bring myself to leave without anything made by Little Debbie. Although I remember you being slightly bigger; granted, I haven’t seen you since I was in the fourth grade. But I don’t recall you disappearing in three bites back then. No matter. You are GOOD and CHOCOLATELY and I love you. (Though not as much as your cooler, more popular, probably-on-the-cheerleading-squad sibling, let’s be clear about that.)



I made these for the baby, and I love ’em because in a former life, they were wasting away in the back of my closet as an Old Navy hooded fleece pullover that I wore once. (And given my feelings toward Old Navy lately, it was quite therapeutic, the hacking up of a piece of ON merchandise.) I took some scissors to the sleeves and did about 4 minutes worth of sewing, and voila. Plus there’s still a whole bunch of fleece left, should I feel the need to create a matching hat or something. And they are sooo soft and warm, babies totally go for soft and warm.

Inspired by the recycled clothing here.

Pacifier Clip


Not entirely brown, yeah, but brown-themed. And so adorable. Little ice cream scoops! Sooo beats the tacky red plastic Elmo one Ethan used as a newborn. By Bink Link.



Envirosax. So pretty and so much kinder than your regular old planet-killing plastic grocery bag.



(Pattern found here.) The very last project for the baby that I’d wanted to get done before his arrival, and I DID. It’s like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders. Now if only some other weight, who shall remain nameless (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), would do me the favor of being lifted off my belly, I’d be SET.



4 responses

5 12 2007

I wish I could knit. Or sew. Or do anything of the sort.

Sure you don’t want to move to NJ?

5 12 2007
ethans oma

My, you are clever !! Nice job on the blanket, too. Did I actually buy those Little Debbie things for you back then ? I don’t remember it.

11 12 2007

So is it always brown with you, or just at the moment?
Would make for a nice change from the pinks / purples that our toddler insists that everything is colored. Even our icecream and milk has to be pink if at all possible!

11 12 2007

Argh! You haven’t posted in days! I’m on the edge of my seat – how are you?!!?

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