30 11 2007

Random woman who came up to me in the grocery store today: “All the best, really- I wish you blessings and health, you and the baby. But…” and here she covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her giggling, “your belly just looks so funny!”

Me: *open mouth, staring, NOT GIGGLING*

Ms. Giggles: “I mean, it looks like… well, it looks like an ostrich egg.”

I wish I made that up.



4 responses

30 11 2007
ethans oma

where is she….let me at her, i’ll take care of that fool !

30 11 2007

I came here from Diary of a Matriarch and I think your belly is adorable. You look pregnant. I? Looked like I had a beer gut the whole time. People just thought I got fat. It wasn’t until two weeks before I had my Little Man that a fellow preggers woman asked me when I was due and I practically made out with her, I was that happy.

30 11 2007

I love your belly too!! I’ll give that woman an ostrich egg, right up her tookus!!

4 12 2007

First reaction: Not laughing either. Mouth dropped open slightly.

Second reaction: TRIPLE laughing–once for the “ostrich egg,” which, what? Once for the preamble she used. Once for the absurdity of the entire encounter. Was she MENTAL or something? Off her meds?

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