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29 11 2007

ENOUGH with the pregnant talk already, right? SHEESH. Oh, I’m pregnant. Oh, my belly is huge. Oh, I’m gonna have the baby any day now. Oh, the baby is trying to communicate with the outside world via clicking noises. Blah blah blah. You’re getting kind of sick of it, aren’t you? Just a little bit?


It’s not going to stop for a few weeks, at least. That is because it has taken over my life. I had my 36 week check up last week, the appointment at which I asked my doctor about the mysterious clicking. He had no idea what I was talking about. In fact, he seemed to move on to another topic fairly quickly after telling me he’d never heard of such a thing, it seemed, in an effort to spare me any further embarrassment. Whatever.

And then yesterday I had my 37 week check up, where my doctor informed me that he “really doesn’t see me going any further than 40 weeks” gesturing with his eyes toward my belly full of a baby who is lying so low that he’s about 4 inches from the speckled tile. So what do I do? Return home, color with Ethan, fold some laundry, take a quick nap, and about 15 minutes later experience some of the most painful contractions I’ve felt in a very long time. Complete with back pain that came and went. It went on for a little over an hour before we called Labor & Delivery, who told us to give it another hour and see what happened. Though they stayed regular- about 6 minutes apart- they did get less intense and less painful, and the back pain went away completely. So we had our very first false alarm! How exciting. And thus, I am still pregnant.


I marvel at the fact that this kid still, somehow, has sufficient enough room in there to not only roll around, but to also kick with the ferocity of a team of Brazillian soccer players. Every single movement he makes is clearly visible from the outside, even to my 2-year-old. This morning he was watching random things protrude and disappear from it and made this observation:

Ethan: “Baby kicking.”

Me: “Yes, he is.”

Ethan: “Baby hitting.”

Me: “Yes.”

Ethan: “Baby kick and hit Mommy.”

Me: “Uh huh.”

Ethan: “Baby go in the Naughty Chair.”



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30 11 2007

Okay, do me a favor and go take a nice long bath (because pretty soon you wont be able to do that for, say 6 long weeks) and eat as much ice cream as you want because, well, you still can, and try to “enjoy” these last few… days, just for sanity sake. Good luck with everything!!!!

1 12 2007

Oh girl, how I feel your pain. Literally!! Won’t it be nice to get these little monsters out of us??!! 5 days left for me. Whoo hoo!

1 12 2007

Who is the Father? Big bird?

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