27 11 2007

•Ran errands, including a stop at Old Navy to exchange a package of onesies for the next size up and return a shirt (a shirt I’ve already exchanged once, by mail; the first time I got it, it was the cezanne color and not the brown I’d ordered; when I opened up the package yesterday, I was met NOT with the Boys Sueded Tee in soil, but the Boys Sueded Tee in soil with a defective neckline, and enough is enough, Old Navy!). After twenty-five minutes in the store and three “You look like you’re gonna pop!”s, I left with the same package of onesies in the same size I don’t want and the sueded tee I’d intended to return, this time in red, but with only one neck hole. So I was mildly successful.

•Made a crafty little Christmas wreath with Ethan’s help, because it MUST go up today, it WILL go up today, or else all is lost!

•Took a break to scarf down an awful (yet so delicious!) Little Debbie Christmas tree cake. With a glass of skim milk. Milk does a body so much good that it cancels out the 600 calorie snack it accompanies, didn’t you know that?

•Set up bassinet for baby. Put clean sheets on it. Washed 874 little blankets, too.

•Considered a second Little Debbie break. Made it a cheese and cracker break instead.

•Compiled list of meals and the groceries needed to make and freeze them.

•Finished packing the baby’s hospital bag (translation: changed my mind for the 73rd time on which two (in case one gets, you know, lobster bisque on it) outfits should be in it, and which booties and hat, and should I put crotch-button onesies, or just the little t-shirts? Okay, I’ll put both…).

Politely mentioned to Ordered Jeff to install the car seat.

•Decided that we absolutely cannot live another single day without curtains in the living room. Despite the fact that we’ve lived here for a year and a half without them. I found some fabric in my stash and they are all cut and pinned, just waiting to be pressed and sewn, which I plan to get to this evening. Because WHAT will the baby think of us if he shows up and we don’t have curtains in the living room? I can’t even imagine.

•Gave in to craving for second Christmas tree. Damn you and your individually wrapped snacks of sin, Debbie!

•Packed my hospital bag.


Can you say ‘crazy nesting fool’? My official due date is still 3 weeks away, and we all know how off my “feelings” tend to be (I had thought Ethan would be two weeks early; I was POSITIVE I was going to have this kid the weekend after Thanksgiving; clearly I know nothing), but man, I’ve just got this… well, feeling. Like it’ll be any minute now. Is that just wishful thinking? Is it just the fact that I can no longer get anywhere near comfortable enough to sleep at night? Is it the heartburn? The inability to BREATHE talking here? Perhaps. But either way, I am so ready for you to arrive, my little Swiss chard! (Seriously, Baby Center, a Swiss chard? You could think of nothing better to compare my baby to? Oh, Baby Center, I will miss your plethora of INSANELY USEFUL advice…)



5 responses

27 11 2007
ethans oma

WOW !!! You did all that and still had time to post ? That’s more than I can get done in a week ! Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy “A Charlie Brown Christmas” tonight. Wish I was there.

27 11 2007

Wow, way to make me look forward to this pregnancy. 🙂

P.S. I LOVE those fricken snack caked – they are the pastry of the devil!

28 11 2007

I thought that ‘swiss chard’ reference was weird too!

29 11 2007
Mother Hoodwink

I live all year for those damn Little Debbie tree cakes. I love them so.

Nesting is so weird. When I was pregnant with my son, the bathroom floors had to be spotless or I wasn’t bringing him home.

Yeah, Babycenter’s food comparisons often weird me out.

4 12 2007

I have been having trouble with Old Navy. I don’t know what the heck.

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