8 clicks and counting

26 11 2007

Me, eyes wide open, after an intense, almost painful, sharp gasp: “HE JUST CLICKED! Did you hear it?!?”

Jeff, who can’t tear his eyes away from Call of Duty 4 to look at me while he answers: “Um, NO. I heard explosions. And gunshots. And DEATH.”

Me, sinking with disappointment: *Sigh*

(I suspect someone’s been watching this too much.)

I’m STILL the only one hearing the clicks. Another day of crazy… Another big giant belly, 37 weeks:




4 responses

26 11 2007

That is so funny about the clicks! Seriously woman, my back hurts just looking at you – so cute thought!

26 11 2007

Maybe it’s just the baby giving you a high-five.

27 11 2007

Delurking to say, I heard and felt a click the night I went into labor. I thought it was my water breaking as I felt a little gush. It wasn’t. I think it was my mucus plug. The contractions started up regularly about an hour later.

27 11 2007

Meg: I’d rather wait till he’s OUT to start the high-fiving, personally.

Monica: AAAAAGH! That means I’VE GOT ONE HOUR to do 400 things!

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