You’re it

14 11 2007

Actually, I’m it. Meg has tagged me, so here goes…

What I was doing 10 years ago: I was 17 and only interested in my friends and my boyfriend, who happened to be (and still is) Jeff’s best friend (we were a close-knit little group). This was also the year I got my driver’s license- I hadn’t been in a hurry to get it, since no one was giving me a car and my parents’ two cars- a pick up truck (the same vehicle I was operating during a driving lesson once when I hit a tree- I can’t drive a stick), and an ’89 Dodge caravan (you know, those pretty little things with the wood paneling on the side? Except the paneling had fallen off of ours, a compliment to the cancer/rust stains all over the hood and the windows all gussied up with double-sided tape (I don’t recall a time when the electric windows ever worked), no doubt)- did not exactly invoke in me an excitement for the open road. I still remember the first time I finally did venture out, on my own, in that jalopy of a van (which would, one day, about 5 years later, spontaneously catch fire while my mom was driving it, and completely melt). My father informed me that I was to have no more than one other person in the car with me. So of course I drove around as many people as I could find that night.

What I was doing 5 years ago: In 2002 I was at Penn State Behrend, first as an English major, and then, after 8 million people informed I wouldn’t be able to use it for anything, as a Social and Behavioral Science major (which, coincidentally, I have not yet ‘used’ for anything, either; go figure). I got a few tattoos and piercings and spent a ridiculous amount of time traveling back and forth between my school in Erie and Penn State’s main campus in State College, and learning how to drink/party. I guess I had some things to get out of my system.

One year ago: A year ago, married for two and a half years and raising our 1 ½ year old son, Jeff and I looked at each other and went, “Hey, you know what? We don’t change nearly enough poopy diapers. Let’s have another kid!” We were also eagerly looking forward to the day Jeff would get out of the Army (Feb. ’09). Unfortunately things have changed and he’s in until at least November of 2011, which means four more years in the DC area. Can you sense my excitement?

Yesterday: Jeff had the day off (a thank you from his boss for working all weekend a few weeks ago) so we started the morning by getting flu shots (Jeff and Ethan did, anyway; I got mine a few weeks ago so I was just along for moral support in the form of Thomas the Tank Engine fruit snacks, Ethan’s favorite comfort food). While everyone else was in and out in maybe 20 minutes, we ended up being there for closer to an hour. In addition to the moron whose only job was to take the form we’d already filled out and ask those getting the shot their age and if they wanted the mist or the shot (how this took him 10 minutes to do, I can’t grasp) and the elderly nurse who repeated everything 70 times, it was pretty much a nightmare of line-waiting. But whatever, we’re all hopped up on the flu virus now and that’s all that matters. Oh, and later in the afternoon I went out to run a few errands, by myself. It was lovely, those 20 minutes at the library and the 10 at Best Buy. Very relaxing. (Sad when that’s your respite, huh?) Oh yes, and then I spent the evening convinced that I’d inhaled some of Jeff’s or Ethan’s earlier vaccine (they both had the mist, which is a no-no for pregos), and imagining new symptoms and taking my temperature every 8 minutes.

5 snacks I enjoy: Just 5? Ok, let’s see, today it would be fruit leather, Pirate’s Booty, pretzels with Laughing Cow cheese spread, pizza flavored Goldfish, and because Jeff just made some last night, those all-ready-to-bake Pillsbury cookies.

5 things I would do if I had $100 Million: Invest LOTS, buy a house, pay off my school loans, pay for my sons’ college educations, and buy the next door neighbors some new Christmas decorations and A CALENDAR.

5 places I would run away to: Erie, PA (I can’t believe I said that) (I also can’t believe that I’m 100% serious), Oahu, Hawaii (one trip there and I’m hooked), Paris, France (nearly a year in Europe and that was the one place I didn’t get to), my local yarn store, and Maine.

5 TV shows I like: Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway (which premiers tonight!), Heroes (prior to this season, at least; not so sure anymore…), Big Love, and Top Chef.

5 things I hate doing: Cleaning, ordering take-out over the phone, confrontation, handling raw meat (shudder), and dealing with pregnant heartburn (or, more accurately, the Incubator Hellfire).

5 biggest joys of the moment: My son, who is currently racing around the house wearing a pair of my purple gloves, my husband, who will be giving me a “professional” foot massage later on, the Nestle crunch ice cream bar I plan to eat whilst enjoying said massage, the upcoming holidays (can’t wait to see all the family!), and my pregnancy (though not for much longer, fingers crossed…).

And now I’m tagging YOU, Etcetera Whatever, Angel Effect, Don’t Look Now, But…, Diary of a Diapering Madwoman, and Alias Mother (although if she can’t quite find the time to get to it due to the fact that she’s busy, oh, I don’t know, birthing that baby who’s like, 3 months overdue now, I’ll totally understand!).



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15 11 2007
ethans oma

That caravan was a 1990 I’ll have you know !!! Geeesh !! get it right….and “yay!” for filling it up with as many people as you could find. Hope you enjoyed that “professional” foot massage, you deserve it. Can’t wait to see everyone !

15 11 2007

Oh yay!! I will do this soon!

And too funny about the neighbors and their calendar gift!

15 11 2007

Oh, I’m so in. I always need another distraction.

20 03 2008
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