7 11 2007

Last year, a few days after Thanksgiving, we decorated the porch-area we share with the neighbors across from us for Christmas- we wrapped garland around the railing from the top to the bottom of the stairs. We also strung white Christmas lights along with the garland, and tied red bows all throughout it.

When the big Christmas wreath appeared on our neighbors’ door just three days after Halloween, we were like, uh, ok, a little early, but whatever.

neighbors_tinsel.jpgAnd then a couple days later we opened our front door to find this random length of gold and silver tinsel decorating part of the railing. One: Halloween was last week. Christmas is still over a month and a half away, not to mention Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. Two: …What? Did they feel gipped out of the Porch-Decorating Excitement last year, and are trying to get a head start on it so that we don’t hog the whole railing, like we did last year, with our tasteful decorations? Are they trying to ensure that both apartments get equal share of the railing? Three: Is this the extent of their decorating? Or are they going to continue as they have thus far and add a new element every few days? And four: If they don’t add more tacky tinsel to the rest of the railing, should we go ahead and put up our garland/lights/bows on the undecorated portion of the railing? You know, when it’s slightly closer to Christmas, I mean. And should the garland go up the railing, and then just stop where the tinsel takes over? I wouldn’t go so far as to remove their tinsel and leave it in a heap on their door mat… even though that’s what I’d like to do. But could I just wrap our garland over top of their tinsel? It’s not as if the exterior of our military housing wasn’t ugly enough already. Gold and silver tinsel is not doing it any favors.

Meanwhile, while their side of the porch area sits there, looking like that, there’s ours, literally located 5 baby steps across from the Christmas door, still sporting its Halloween garb:


(Not pictured, but trust me, they’re there: our uncarved pumpkins from Halloween.)

(That is one pretty front door, is it not? A big white slab of UGLY, it is.)

(Also, not sure if Ethan is waving at someone or smacking himself in the head over the sheer ridiculousness of the neighbors decorating, but I’d vote it’s the second choice.)

While I’m on the topic of these neighbors of ours, remember their cat I mentioned more than a few times last spring? The cat that just wouldn’t leave us alone, was always on our back balcony, and even left a dead bird in front of our door once? It turns out they stopped allowing it inside their house, right around the time it started bringing us dead animal carcasses. Not only did they suddenly decide that their dear kitty was going to become an outside cat, but they basically decided that they just didn’t want him anymore.

So they stopped allowing him in the house. They stopped feeding him. They disowned him, pretty much. He started living on the porch, waiting for someone to let him in, feed him. He sat out there all the time and meowed, and when he wasn’t sitting there, he was hiding under our cars. Eventually, our downstairs neighbors, who felt bad for the starving, disowned cat, put out a bag of food and a little bowl of water for him. The cat’s former owners never made mention of the cat or the fact that someone else was feeding him to anyone.

And then one day the neighbors went away for a few weeks. And while they were gone, a neighbor who shall remain anonymous (and my hero) gave Animal Control a call to report a lost kitten that’d been hanging around their apartment building for awhile, and by the time the neglectful neighbors returned from their trip, the cat was a lingering nuisance no more. We haven’t seen him since.

Surprisingly, yet again, the neighbors have made no mention of their missing, former pet; no knocks on the doors of other neighbors to ask if anyone may have seen him, no “Missing Pet; Answers to Mr. Bigglesworth” signs posted anywhere. I have to wonder what kind of people buy a pet if they don’t even want it. Probably the same kind that have a baby that they end up passing off to relatives, I guess… but hey, that’s one baby who’s probably better off now, so I’ll give them credit for that, at least.

Oh, and they leave their trashcans on the curb. Pickup is Mondays and Thursdays. But you will find their garbage can out there every single day of the week and weekend. I’m not looking forward to the process of moving in a few months, but I am looking forward to getting new neighbors. The kind of neighbors you don’t find on sites like this.



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7 11 2007

I love these people. I think you should put Valentines Day hearts up after Thanksgiving.

8 11 2007

I think you should calmly redecorate in a seasonally appropriate fashion for every single holiday imaginable until Christmas. According to my calender, you’ve got Veteran’s Day (11/11), the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address (11/19), Thanksgiving (11/22), Hanukkah (12/5), Pearl Harbor Day (12/7), the Bill of Rights day (12/15), and the Winter Solstice (12/22).

It doesn’t sound like these people have any shame, but perhaps it will give you a grim sense of satisfaction?

8 11 2007

AndreAnna: I think I’ll do that… only I’ll put them on the railing where I was GOING TO put the garland/bows.

aliasmother: Now where is that box where I keep all my Gettysburg Address decorations…?

Seriously, if getting up off the couch didn’t use up so much of my energy these days, I would totally decorate for all those “holidays.” Because, yes, it WOULD give me satisfaction.

20 11 2007

My neighbors have their Christmas tree up and lit. It is nice looking but a little early. They did it either yesterday or the day before.

20 11 2007

Hallie: I’m not kidding you– these same neighbors had their tree up and lit WEEKS AGO. Within the same few days of the appearance of the tinsel and wreath, so around the 4th of November. I saw it when they opened their door. I also saw what looked to be random, cheaply made stockings stapled all over their walls. So. tacky.

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