Goodybag; Name-dropping

4 11 2007

The very cool CoolMomPicks had a contest a few months ago, and I won! My prize was an awesome goodybag from the online shop The Silly Wagon, and a few days ago I received my loot in the mail:


There was an outfit for Ethan, an outfit consisting of pants, shirt (long-sleeved)and jacket for the new baby, a tote bag, a stroller blanket, and one more mystery gift yet to come, once I let them know what the new baby’s initials are- if he ever gets a name, that is. How completely awesome is all that?

If you haven’t checked out either of the sites, I suggest you do so. CoolMomPicks has a contest going daily, and Silly Wagon’s got some very cute stuff. I love their selection of wooden toys, and I’ve also been eying this necklace. Perhaps Santa will be kind enough to hook me up…

But speaking of baby names, and the fact that I fear my second born won’t ever receive one… Jeff has pretty much decided on a name. So have I. The problem is, they’re not the same name. Without giving away which of us likes which, here’s what we’ve got on our list of names we’re considering:

  • Luke
  • Nolan
  • Logan
  • Benjamin
  • Oliver
  • Gabriel (we’d call him Gabe)
  • Seth
  • Debbie (that would be Ethan’s addition to the list; I’ve told him it’s a girl name, he seems not to care)

There are more, but I can’t think of them right now. This time change thing is brutal on an already-messed-up pregnant lady! Either that or I’m slowly slipping into a Fun Size coma. Feeling like it’s 10pm when it’s 9pm, on top of a handful (or 4) of orange (white chocolate) KitKats, on top of a big ol’ bowl of Sundry’s chicken noodle soup, and we’ll be lucky if Ethan’s shouts of “I eat a banana! I watch “Yo Gabba Gabba!” No more sleep, Mommy!” wake me up tomorrow morning.

Before I go, here’s this week’s belly. I’m going to repost last week’s too, so you can see– dude, the belly has totally dropped already, am I right?


33 weeks


34 weeks

Baby has sooo dropped. He will be here by Thanksgiving, mark my words. And pass the KitKats.



6 responses

4 11 2007


4 11 2007

Jon said that your belly rose instead of fell. Additionally, he said that he claims dibs on Gabriel for our “some assembly required” kid.

5 11 2007

I think I know which one is your favorite, but where is “Ever” on the list? Nolan, Logan, and Benjamin are my picks (Benjamin being my favorite). Make sure to have a bag packed for Ethan if he has to make an unexpected trip to Lauren’s house while Mommy is having a baby. 🙂

5 11 2007

SJ: Thanks! And thanks for commenting. 🙂

Hallie: Was Jon upside down when he said that? And also, you can have Gabe; Jeff will never agree to it.

“Some assembly required.” Hehehe.

Kim: Funny- Jeff asked me the same question! My answer: This was a list of names WE are considering. “Ever” has been forbidden!

6 11 2007

OMG a name post. Happy.

I’m ranking them in my order of favorites:

Oliver (please please please use this, it is my favorite boy name)

I’m not even going to rank any more. Name him Oliver. Swistle says so.

6 11 2007

Swistle: I would say that your top (only) pick has a good shot at winning… It happens to also be Jeff’s favorite!

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