31 10 2007


Scared you.

(We kind of took the egg carton spiders we made a few weeks ago a little too far, and that’s how these FREAKY glasses happened. Those FREAKY lips, though… those are all me.)



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31 10 2007

It did scary me! Happy Halloween!

31 10 2007
ethans oma

Booooo!!!!! Hope you all had a great Halloween !! I had almost 75 kids !!!!!

31 10 2007

That is a great shot – and your skin looks great! You’re all glowy! Ah, pregnancy is good for some things!!

31 10 2007

Hallie: I’m so glad I succeeded in scarying someone! 😛

ethans oma: “Almost 75”? Did you have one of those hand-held clicky counters or something? Hehe. Wow, 75; we had, let’s see… 5. They came in one group of three and one group of two, so really it was only 2, because that’s how many times I answered the door.

AndreAnna: Aw, thank you! Nice of you to say. And we’ll go with your theory, that I’m glowy, and not the truth, which is that I’m just FREAKING BURNING UP because my husband dared turn on the heat. Just because it’s 48 degrees outside at night DOES NOT warrant heat. I’m getting warm just thinking about it. Must go open a window.

1 11 2007

Do you want parent my child as well? I’m getting concerned that I’m not crafty at all and that seems to be a prerequisite for good parenting. I’m guessing that teaching them how to properly gesticulate at the TV during a close football game is not the same thing.

1 11 2007

aliasmother: I don’t think I could handle THREE! Seriously, I might talk a lot about the crafty things I do, but TRUST ME, my kid watches TV as much as the next kid. I don’t work (you know, other than my parenting job), and I sit around a lot (thanks to my pregnant back pain), so I’ve got the time to be crafty. And no, knowing how to gesticulate at the TV during a game is not the same thing, but it is most definitely as useful as knowing how to make a spider out of an egg carton 😉 You’ll do just fine.

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