29 10 2007

I cannot seem to string together a coherent thought. I’m having trouble making words go together and mean something… meaningful. I keep reading the same unfinished sentence over and over again, trying to figure out what words to put at the end to make it complete, and it is literally hurting my head so much that I blink really hard, squint a little bit, and repeat the process over again. It’s like there’s this brick wall in front of me, and I KNOW there is a way around it, in fact, I can almost see around it if I lean really far, but I just can’t get my feet to move and take me there. Instead I keep bashing my head smack into the middle of it. Hard.

So I apologize if everything I say from this point forward makes you wonder if I played with too many Made-in-China toys when I was little. And also for the lack of transition between topics. That just seems like too much work right now.

*Potty training got off to a rather rocky start this morning (you may have caught my whining earlier). But I realized, after reading Swistle’s comment and after Jeff called to tell me that he wouldn’t make it home for lunch today (to which I replied something like “Um, yes you will, I’m going crazy! There is pee everywhere! SAVE ME!”), that I was expecting too much from my almost 2-1/2-year-old. I spent the whole morning asking a 28-month-old child who can’t even feed himself without needing to be hosed down afterwards if he needed to go potty. And I expected that he would tell me yes when he did. Of course he wasn’t going to tell me yes. I don’t know what I was thinking.

So I had to change my game plan. Around noon, I stopped consulting him and just started taking him into the bathroom and making him sit on the potty every ten minutes. We saw immediate improvements: less accidents, and more successes, which made both of us feel better. Also more M&Ms, which totally made Ethan happy. I think we probably went through maybe two or three more pairs of underwear the whole rest of the day/evening, as compared to the nearly 15 we’d wet our way through in the first 4 hours of the day.

*My mom just informed me that tomorrow between the hours of 2 and 5, you can get a free taco at Taco Bell (I wonder if they’ll let me have a free ChocoTaco instead of the beef kind?). I guess they announced that if, during the World Series last night, someone stole a base, then Taco Bell would allow customers to come in and steal a taco, or something. My mom then excitedly told me that what I should do is “load up the kids and hit every Taco Bell in town till you’re full! They’ll never know!” Always encouraging mischief, my mother.

*If you have not done so already (and what possible reason could you have? Huh?), I urge you: Get thee to Sundry Buzz for her recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins and MAKE THEM. Now. You will thank me. With a mouthful of pumpkin-ey chocolatey bliss, you will thank me. And then you will eat 4 more and thank me again. And then you will die, because they are THAT good, but it’s okay, because at least you will have eaten the best muffin EVER before death.

*I received multiple texts today asking if I knew that Fuhrman’s Cider Mill (in our hometown of Erie, PA) had burned down last night. A huge loss for the city of Erie, and very sad. Looks like my mom won’t be bringing us any cider this year when she visits for Thanksgiving. 😦

*I’m totally convinced that I’m going to have this baby any day now. I don’t care that I’ve technically got like 7 weeks to go. I swear, this kid tried to get out tonight. Ethan must have slipped him a hammer and chisel (you don’t know how long it took me to describe this to Jeff- “You know, you hold one piece up to something you want to break, and then you bang on it with another tool in your other hand… what’s that called?”- what the heck is wrong with me?) somehow, because there’s been LOTS of action going down tonight.

Anyway, it’s got me thinking that I should probably pack my hospital bag soon. Not that I’ll use anything that I take with me. Last time I brought an entire suitcase full of clothes I didn’t wear, shower/toiletry items I didn’t use (I showered only once, and only used soap; surprisingly, standing there naked while I bled and cried about the pain I was in was NO FUN AT ALL), hair dryer, also not used, books and magazines I didn’t read, TONS of baby clothes (I like to have options), food I didn’t eat, a small radio/cd player that, you guessed it, didn’t get used.

This time I am only bringing one outfit for myself, one for the baby, my pillow, and Boggle. I am a huge dork and it’s my favorite game, but Jeff refuses to play it with me (something about how I suck all the fun out of it, with my corrections and my 11 million words), so I figure if there is ever a time when he has to do what I say, it’s when I’m in labor. And hopefully, I won’t be as drugged up this time and will, in fact, be capable of the thought processes required in order to spell three letter words while we wait for the kid. Oh, and if I can convince myself to spend $65 on it, I might bring one of these, too. Because, dude, I get grossed out just sharing bowling shoes, and people don’t give birth in those.



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29 10 2007
ethans oma

Don’t worry, I will still bring you some cider at Thanksgiving. There are other cider mills around, and I am in the Amish area all the time too, so I will find some. The guy that stole the base for the free tacos has now got a new nickname and it’s so clever I just had to share it with you. His name is Jacoby Ellsbury and the nickname is Tacoby Bellsbury ! I know, small things have always cracked me up.

30 10 2007

Ooooh, tacos!

And I totally know what you mean about packing your bag and not needing all the crap. I will pack much lighter next time too.

and I HEART Boggle! If you’re ever in NJ, you got a game!

30 10 2007

So SAD about Fuhrman’s Cider Mill ….I’ll definately miss that landmark tradition whenever I go home.

30 10 2007

ethans oma: Ohmygoodness. That name could not get any cheesier! No wonder you love it so much. 😛

AndreAnna: But did your husband tell you 700 times that you wouldn’t need all that crap, while you kept insisting that you would use every single thing? Mine doesn’t let me forget it.

Also, you’re on!

Kristi: Same here. I wonder if they’ll relocate?

31 10 2007

I love misc posts!

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