28 10 2007

Ethan approached me yesterday and said, “Mommy, I look at booba?” I did that thing I do when I’m trying really hard to understand what he’s saying (squinted and leaned forward) and repeated what he’d said, trying to buy some time to figure it out. “Booba? You want to look at a booba?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “Um… okay. What’s a booba?””Booba!” he repeated, in a tone that said, Duh, you moron, what are you, 5? I thought, ohhh, great, here we go again. You know when you can’t think of the name of a movie or song or toy you had back in the 80’s (POPPLES– duh! All I could remember about them was that they folded up into the little pouches they had on their butts), and it just eats at you for days and days and agonizing days, until ding! Like a lightswitch being turned on, it just comes to you?

Twice there has been a phrase Ethan used in conversation with us that we just for the freaking lives of us could not figure out. The first was “undy dundy.” Undy dundy? What the? No matter how slowly you say that for your poor dumb mother, Ethan, no, I do not know what undy dundy is so please stop using it and getting so frustrated with me that you can do nothing but flail about wildly!

It turns out undy dundy, once he finally paired it with a third, correctly pronounced word (that word being ‘notebook’) is actually ‘handy dandy,’ and oh, I cannot describe to you the joy and relief I felt when I figured that one out. Angels literally sang their hearts out.

The second phrase was, phonetically, “car bomb.” I only let Ethan watch PBS and Nick Jr., and I as far as I know, Sesame Street has yet to tackle the topic of car bombings, so I knew that couldn’t be right. After days and days of Ethan singing “Car bomb!” (because this phrase was sung, not just spoken), and the thousands of questions I’d asked him to try and figure out what it meant, a commercial for Expedia came on TV and Ethan got all excited, tugging on my arm and telling me to look, Mommy, LOOK! And when they sang “Dot com!” at the end, and Ethan sang along with it, “Car bomb!”, oh. Just… oh. The weight lifted off of me, and I could breathe again. Car bomb. Dot com. It’s all so clear now.

So anyway, I was sitting there, fearing we had another undy dundy car bomb situation on our hands, and not looking forward to it AT ALL. I said, “Can you show me a booba, Ethan?” And he pointed at my belly, and, I swear to you, looked at me and rolled his eyes. Why was he cursed with such an idiot for a parent? his 14-year-old-mind-trapped-in-a-toddler-body clearly was wondering. “My belly is a booba?” “YES, Mommy. I look at booba?”

Apparently my belly is now a booba, and he just wanted to look at it. I lifted my shirt up moved my shirt ever-so-slightly so that the rest of it was exposed (since they don’t make maternity shirts that FIT MY FREAKISH BELLY ANYMORE) (do you think I’m kidding? DO YOU?), and he laid his hand on it. Then he said, “Hi, baby.” Then he moved his head closer, and I thought he was going to kiss it. But he put his lips up to it, lowered his voice, and said “Booba. Booba. Boooooobaaaa.” Then he said, “All done booba,” and left to run laps around the kitchen.

I’m kind of mystified by the whole thing, really. It was really sweet seeing him “talk” to the baby like that, on one hand. On the other… booba? He told the baby booba? In his “man” voice? Three times? Um. Is this a code for something? Are they planning a an escape in three days’ time? I’m a little worried.

Anyway, the booba, 33 weeks:




5 responses

28 10 2007

That’s cute and eerily creepy at the same time.

And I love the popples!!

28 10 2007

Maybe he thinks your belly looks like a big boob.

29 10 2007

AndreAnna: Did you know they were in a movie first? Then they had a cartoon, and THEN came the stuffed animals. I must have lived a sheltered life because I never knew about the movie or cartoon, just thought they were cool stuffed animals. Cool because you could roll them into a ball and throw them at things. Or little sisters…

Hallie: Considering Jeff just told me that it looks like a big boob a day ago, owed to the nipple-like belly button on the front, I’d have to say you’re probably right!

29 10 2007

aren’t boobas those un-circ’d penis looking things on PBS?

Maybe he thoght your belly looked like a boobah?


29 10 2007

shelli: Yes! I mean, I’m not blue or purple, and I’m not sparkly, but… I can definitely see the resemblance. You know, otherwise.

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