Knocked up

25 10 2007

More evidence has come to light since the first:

16. Yarn tickles my tummy when I knit, thanks to shirts no longer covering my belly.

17. Jeff threw something, and I caught it. Not with my hands; with my belly. On my belly, to be more specific. He threw it, it landed on my belly, and it stayed there.

18. I used my tummy as a place to set the camera in order to hold it still while I took a picture without the flash. My belly is my tripod.

19. I turned around really quickly and actually took Ethan out with my belly. Seriously. I didn’t know he’d been standing so close, and the momentum I’d gained while turning made for enough force to actually knock him over when it hit him. Don’t worry, he was fine. Thought it was funny, in fact, and told me that I was “silly and big.”

2o. I made oatmeal scotchies like a week ago, and while stirring the batter, this happened:


And, thank you pregnancy hormones, I lost it. I actually shed tears over a broken spatula.

21. Luckily, those hormones are a roller coaster ride, and 10 minutes later my sadness was replaced with complete joy at how perfectly round the cookies came out (instead of my usual spoon + index finger method, I was using my new scoopy thing that picks up and plops down perfectly sized mounds of cookie dough). Sadly, I am that easily impressed.



4 responses

25 10 2007

I remember being pregnant and crying because I couldn’t find my shoe. Like anywhere. And I sobbed. And then 10 minutes later, I was ecstatic because MacGuyver was on TV.

Gotta love it.

26 10 2007

Hahaha! 🙂

27 10 2007

And I cried last week over dropping some pumpkin seeds on the floor.

I SO feel your pain!!

29 10 2007

Krista: And yet people still expect us to be able to deal with ACTUAL problems…

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