One of these things…

24 10 2007

is not like the others is so like the others you will be AMAZED:




13 responses

24 10 2007

Yay!! You did it!! Hysterical!

24 10 2007
ethans oma

I’d say that you have WAY too much spare time, but I know that’s not true… No, this is a typical-Caley-like thing to do.

24 10 2007

Veerrryyy nice. *applause*

24 10 2007

That is awesome! Great job……

24 10 2007
RookieMom Whitney

Wow! Looks great, and the shadows match perfectly in the photo.

Can we post this as a Rookie Moms activity?

Send me an email with an explanation of how you did it.

24 10 2007

scary….at first I only glanced at half the picture as I was reading. I totally thought that was a pumpkin until I looked up and saw the pumpkin was you!

How cute!

24 10 2007

RookieMom Whitney: Of course! I’ll e-mail you right now…

Everyone else: Thank you!

25 10 2007

Hahaha…I must admit, it took me a while to even notice what was going on here! Very cute 🙂

26 10 2007

That is SO funny. I love how you’re standing there all casual-like.

29 10 2007

Chasity: Ah, then the plan worked!

Swistle: I always stand around in my sports bra (which, who knows why I even have that; I don’t ‘do’ sports) with a gourd painted on my oversize belly, why WOULDN’T I look casual? 🙂

1 11 2007

That’s gorgeous – at first glance, it looks like you’re hiding behind an actual pumpkin 🙂

1 11 2007

I love it! If I only had the time and effort to do it myself!!!

1 11 2007

jenefur: That’s why I made the husband do it for me… wink wink. I’ve found that the closer we get to The Big Day, the more likely he is to do what I tell, I mean, ASK, him to. 🙂

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