A coupla things

17 10 2007

1. Where does one find crib-size bedding (because while it’s technically a toddler bed, it still uses the mattress from the crib) that isn’t actually crib bedding? I’ve checked a few Targets and other department stores, and all I can find is nursery-type crib stuff (all pastels, in either sports, Winnie the Pooh, ducks or jungle motifs). The next thing up is twin size stuff, and that’s too big. Months and months ago, I found what I thought was a crib size set at Ikea, but when I opened it this past weekend to wash and put on Ethan’s big boy bed, it turned out to be twin size. If I don’t find something soon, I’m going to cut this one in half and sew up the other side…

2. I have rekindled a romance with Laughing Cow spreadable cheese, and am devouring wedge after wedge of this stuff atop English muffins, smeared on Wheat Thins, pretzels, you name it. I am even breaking my no-eating-after-8 rule for it.

3. Jeff is considering going away for a week a month before I’m due for some training/seminar thing. This training has basically nothing to do with his job, it’s just something he finds interesting. And until this past weekend, despite the groan I would have given in response to the thought of a week of single (pregnant) parenting to a toddler, I would have been okay with it. But this weekend, while we rode the wagon full of hay out to the pumpkin patch, I got to talking with the woman next to me, who had asked when I was due and then commented that she had been due with her second around the same time a few years earlier, but he surprised them and came at Thanksgiving instead. And now I am convinced that I, too, will go into labor way before My Time. And ain’t no way I plan to do that while Jeff is off having a week of toddler-free fun. He thinks I’m being unreasonable. I’m not unreasonable. I’m pregnant.

4. If you want to scare a toddler, have Craft Time with him. Make egg carton spiders. Use pipe cleaners for the legs, but don’t cut them all to the same length; the wobbliness caused by the uneven legs causes the NOT ALIVE spider to shimmy as if he were VERY ALIVE, and your toddler will FEAR HIM. You will be amused.


5. I Officially Purchased three bags of Halloween candy a few days ago. This purchase was Official because unlike the other bags of candy (mostly candy corn, to be exact) I’ve bought, trick-or-treaters will be consuming this instead of me. I bought things I didn’t like- Pay Days, Dum Dum’s, and Raisinettes- on purpose, just to make sure. But I have a confession to make, one that I’m kind of ashamed of (you know, besides the one where I admitted to buying and eating multiple bags of candy corn all by myself): I almost bought granola bars and little bags of pretzels to give out. I didn’t, though! I just thought about all the sugar these kids will be eating, and ugh!, and I had a moment of motherliness. But then it passed, because, man, it’s Halloween, and Halloween means CANDY, not HEALTHY SNACKS. I don’t want to be the Halloween Grinch.

Instead I’ll be “that house that gave out all the crappy candy.” At least it’s candy… candy you can trick your younger siblings into trading with you for better candy.



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17 10 2007
ethans oma

I can just hear the sewing machine buzzing along right now as you MAKE the right size sheets ! you’re so clever…

17 10 2007
RookieMom Whitney

Oh dear, I was exactly where you are a few months ago: pregnant, and having purchased a toddler bed at Ikea with a custom sized mattress that only Ikea sheets (yucky feeling) fit. I signed on to sew new ones. After much procrastination, I finally did it. It was somewhat disastrous, but the bright side is that 2 year olds don’t care if they have a huge hem down the middle of their sheets. And, actually, Julian sleeps on top of his comforter, with just a baby blanket on top of him.

17 10 2007

I heard some people are giving out applesauce this year – I bet I know what will be smeared allover their houses and cars the next morning!

And my water broke 5 weeks early for no good reason, other than sushi and sex, so watchout Thanksgiving baby! 😉

18 10 2007

I found this site. They have solid color sheets. I don’t know if that is what you are looking for. Additionally, they put the size of the mattress on the page so you can check before buying. http://www.sheetworld.com/baby_subcat.php?pcat=21

18 10 2007

ethan’s oma: Fitted sheets scare me. But flat sheets I think I could handle…

RookieMom Whitney: Ethan, too, sleeps on top of his quilt with just his baby blanket covering him. I’m afraid to attempt the fitted sheet; I know that if I do, I’ll end up with a hem down the middle, too, or five corners or something!

AndreAnna: I am so citing you as an example when I tell Jeff all the reasons he can’t go!

Hallie: I was more focused on finding the right size comforter than fitted sheets, because I can just get whatever crib sheets I can find at Target, even if they are pastel-ey or Pooh; they’d be covered up by the comforter, so I wasn’t too concerned. But then I looked at that site, and saw that they sell coordinating flat sheets, too, which I hadn’t even thought about! If I don’t end up making them myself, this site looks like a pretty good option. Thanks!

18 10 2007

Try Amazon.com as well. I was actually looking for crib sheets but am allergic to pastels, cartoon characters, and frolicking bunnies and thus was having a hard time in the regular stores. I found some good solid color sheets here as well as non-babyish prints.

18 10 2007

Try Amazon.com as well. I was actually looking for crib sheets but am allergic to pastels, cartoon characters, and frolicking bunnies and thus was having a hard time in the regular stores. I found some good solid color sheets here as well as non-babyish prints.

31 10 2007
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1 11 2007
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