This is why 2 is fun

16 10 2007

Even though Ethan thinks he’s man enough to decide that he doesn’t need to take naps anymore (a decision due in large part to the loss of his pacifier, I have no doubt), and we deal with tantrums and breakdowns multiple times a day, two years old is still pretty cool, thanks to his newfound ability to TALK. Take, for example, a conversation between Ethan and I yesterday while I was driving and he was in the backseat:

Ethan: Mommy, off head?

Me: Huh?

Ethan: Off head?

Me: Um, no, I can’t take my head off. It’s attached to me. (I didn’t find this all that weird a request, since he often asks me to take my hair out of its ponytail or to stop looking at him; the weirdest little things bother him sometimes, and I just figured my head was doing something to offend him. Or something.)

Ethan: Noooo. Mommy, OFF. HEAD. (He said it slower this time for his obviously dim-witted mother’s benefit.)

Me (glancing back at him, and seeing his hands on his jaws, gently pulling): OH! You want to take your head off! Is that it?

Ethan (again, spoken slowly for his stupid mother): Yeeeeees. Duh. (He didn’t actually say “duh,” but it was clear that he was thinking it.)

Me: No, you can’t take your head off. You need it. You’d look silly without it. And besides, it’s attached to you.

Ethan (sighing, and accepting defeat): Duck.

(He still can’t say s’s. Duck means ‘stuck.’)



2 responses

16 10 2007
ethans oma

sniff, sniff…I miss those years when you and your sister and brother said such cute things. And now I am “missing” Ethan in those cute years. Can’t they find Jeff a job up here ?

16 10 2007

That is so fricken cute!

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