Not a good enough reason

14 10 2007

She must have had the baby.

That’s what you were thinking, right? Because, why else the random disappearance from my Sublime internet world for a whole week? Without so much as a goodbye, even? To steal a phrase from my favorite ex-meth-head, Stephanie Tanner: “How rude!”

Yes, it would be rude. IF I didn’t have a good reason, that is. I would think that birthing a human 2 months early is a good reason, wouldn’t you? However, that’s not the reason. Nope, still knocked up. He’s still in there. In fact, as I type at this very moment, I can see him flipping and rolling across my belly, tangling my organs in knots, it feels like. Definitely still in there.

Would losing all my fingers in a freak knitting accident count as a good reason? You can’t type without fingers. Well, I can’t. Although I did see this woman on Maury Povich once who could drive, apply her make-up, even cook dinner, and she didn’t have any arms. They showed her doing all these things, seriously. They didn’t actually show her typing, but I assume if you can brush your teeth with your feet, typing is like, a mere snap of the fingers. So to speak.

I didn’t lose my fingers, not even one of them. The truth is, my reason is not a good one. It’s not even an interesting one. I just finally got around to using the sewing machine Jeff got me for my birthday, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. I spent Ethan’s naptimes last week cutting patterns that I then whipped into finished products (pictures another time) after he’d gone to bed. How boring is that?

I’ve also been knitting a lot lately, and currently have about 3 different projects all going at once (a baby blanket, a baby sweater, and this). I’ve been working mainly on stuff for the baby, and I recently completed booties and a hat:


and this kimono sweater:


They’re not an outfit, don’t worry. I won’t be dressing him in all three of these rather pea soupy green colored things all at once. I just had a lot of this soft, soft yarn (that was bought with the intentions of making it into a baby blanket, but didn’t quite work out) to use up. I’ve still got a few balls of it left, and I’m thinking baby needs a pair of pea soup green pants?

And since I never got around to it last week, this time you get TWICE the belly! Lucky you. Last week, 30 weeks along:


And yesterday, 31 weeks:




4 responses

14 10 2007

Seriously woman, you need to knit yourself a hoist to carry around that cute belly! I can’t believe the difference in one week!

14 10 2007
ethans oma

Who is the wig for ?

14 10 2007

Oh, those are such yummy cozy knitties!

15 10 2007

AndreAnna: I KNOW. I see it EVERYDAY, and I can’t believe it, either. Hmm… I wonder if there’s a market for knitted belly hoisters…

ethan’s oma: Me! I thought I’d get into the Halloween spirit this year when we take Ethan out. That’s as costume-y as I get.

Swistle: Thank you! 🙂

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