2 10 2007

Does anyone else get requests for donations from 9 different charities in the mail, every day? I’m so used to it now that I hardly notice the stack I have to sort through on a daily basis. And I even accept the fact that some of these organizations are convinced I am a man, and keep sending me address labels that read “Mr. Caley Adams.”

What I can’t for the life of me understand, though, is why these charities decided it would be a good idea to start mailing out nickels and dimes along with their address labels and gift tags. The accompanying letter will say something like “Just 10 cents could feed a family/house a homeless person/lead to the discovery of a cure for stupidity, etc., so won’t you please return this dime along with your own donation?” Um, no. You’re sending me a dime, in the hopes that I’ll send it back to you? These organizations are quite the risk takers, no?

Don’t get me wrong; I regularly donate to about 4 or 5 of these organizations, and it’s more than five or ten cents, so some of them are not losing money on this little gamble. But not everyone who gets a dime from the American Lung Association sends something back. How many other people did they send dimes to? A hundred? A thousand? Ten thousand? Ten thousand dimes is $1,000. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that thousand bucks have been better spent, oh, I don’t know, FEEDING HUNGRY PEOPLE? Instead of giving it away to strangers whom you hoped you could guilt into giving it (and more) back?

I’ve started saving all the nickels and dimes that charities supposedly in need of donations are donating to me, in my lovely little Boob Job Fund jar, just to see how much these needy organizations are giving away that they COULD have given to actual needy people.


I’ve got 35 cents so far.



2 responses

2 10 2007

You know what’s worse than the dime – the address labels! I know I am going to use them and I feel so guilty using them without sending them money. Funny how 25 labels end up costing me $35.

2 10 2007

I, too, seem to be a magnet for charity pleas. It would be interesting to know how much money is wasted sending dimes and pennies to possible donors. I do know that I have more address labels than I will EVER use!

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