Meg is my hero

24 09 2007

The Last Supper was a success. In addition to honey glazed pork, mashed red potatoes, green beans with roasted walnuts and yummy fresh bread, we also had awesome company in the form of our old friend David Lee Ross (not his real name, but I wish it was) who was in town for business, and our fellow DC area resident (and little-known celebrity baby expert) Meg, whose amazing qualities I’ll get to later.

The pork, especially, came out great; it must have been that extra brown sugar in the marinade. Ethan didn’t share this opinion, however, as he did not eat one bite, despite Meg’s insistence that it was sooo good and sweet that you could almost call it pork candy, and look! If you stick it on the end of this fork, it’s a pork lollipop! We can’t imagine why that didn’t appeal to him…

And now back to Meg’s amazing qualities. How many people do you know who come over for dinner and help you cook it? And bring a FANTASTIC dessert (Icebox Cake is now my favorite cake of all the cakes)? AND, because they know cooking has recently become the responsibility of your husband (who um, doesn’t cook), bring this:

…a big old homemade lasagna (made with turkey instead of beef because she knows I try to eat healthy)?


When I said ‘amazing’ what I meant was super insanely amazing and wonderful.

After a (failed) attempt to force-feed Dave a candy corn flavored Kiss, our evening led to a demonstration of just how big the belly has gotten. As you’ll see in this picture, the belly is now more than capable of acting as a sturdy table upon which I can place food, like this piece of delicious icebox cake:

(A more flattering photo has never been captured.)

Since I wasn’t able to justify dessert after breakfast this morning (because breakfast consisted of French toast made from some of last night’s leftover yummy bread drenched in butter and syrup and ohsogood and… I wonder if there’s any left…?), I am counting down the hours till lunch. A nice salad will balance out that sinful breakfast and then I can totally follow it up with more cake.

And speaking of the belly and its table-like resemblance, here it is, 28 weeks:



4 responses

24 09 2007

Can your friend be my friend? Pretty please?

25 09 2007
Meg's Mom

It’s always fun to have Meg around!!

25 09 2007

You forgot to mention awesome backwards-speller! Just kidding…I was glad to come and hang out with you guys, and since I have no one to cook for here, it was great to get to make some fun things!

29 03 2008
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