All checked up

16 09 2007

I spent a little over 3 hours at the hospital Friday. Not because anything was wrong; I had a regular check-up, my gestational diabetes test, and a few prescriptions to pick up. And that’s just how ridiculously long it took.

My doctor informed me that as of this most recent check up (27 weeks!), I’ve gained “a whopping 14 pounds,” his words. I made a face when I heard this, one of shock. I’d thought it was more. (We’ve been watching a lot of Dead Like Me lately, and those reapers are ALWAYS EATING, and given I have very little willpower as of late, when they eat Cap ‘n Crunch, I’m suddenly craving it, too. When Rube drinks his chocolate milk, I’ve gotta have some too. I was prepared to have gained 8 Dead Like Me pounds since last visit.) “We’re shooting for 30,” he said. “I can do that,” I confidently replied.

I told him about the awful back pain, and he gave me the OK to use a heating pad. He also gave me some stretches to do (if those don’t help, he recommended coming in for physical therapy), and a prescription for Percocet. I have trouble allowing myself to take Tylenol when I’m in pain, so we’ll see if I actually use these narcotics. My doctor’s parting advice was that my back pain will likely only get worse as the pregnancy progresses, so, yay! It’s gonna be a fun three more months.

As for the gestational diabetes test, I’m assuming I passed; no one has called to inform me otherwise. My sugary drink was fruit punch flavored, and while it was certainly not something I’d choose to drink, I have to say, it wasn’t awful. I hear all this talk about how disgusting it is (I have no recollection of this test from my last pregnancy, though I know I had it), so maybe I’m just abnormal or something, because it didn’t taste any worse than an extra sugary soda to me. Although I’m the same person who tonight was struck with the thought (which I shared with Jeff, whom I thoroughly grossed out) that one day, we’ll be so old that we’ll have to wear diapers, and how weird and yucky will that be? And will we even be aware of how yucky it is when the time comes? From this thought, I moved right onto the next, which involved me describing to him how much I like the grainyness of a tall glass of chocolate milk when it’s made with NestlĂ© Quik. I purposely don’t stir it in quite all the way, just to enjoy the little chocolate particles in my milk. Gross, huh? I know. Abnormal I am.

My abnormal 27 week belly, for your viewing pleasure:




2 responses

17 09 2007

When I got to the word “whopping,” I actually froze solid into a statue of disbelief. No. He did not. Say “whopping.” To refer to 14 pounds at 27 weeks.

18 09 2007

Swistle: He did say “whopping” but he was totally being sarcastic. I should have mentioned that, huh? I actually have a really great doctor this time around, who doesn’t make me feel like I should punish myself for gaining weight, and likes to joke with me and is… well, hot. Very television-drama-doctor hot.

Also, the more I use the word “whopping,” the more I want Whoppers. Mmm.

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