Well I sure didn’t open it…

12 09 2007

1366925989_eb09160256_m.jpgIt was gray and rainy yesterday, the kind of day that makes you feel like building a fort in the living room. So we did.

We sat in the fort and read library books. We even had a picnic in the fort, eating our lunch on the floor underneath a sheet, and it was good.

Well, it was good until Ethan stood up and made the roof cave in. Then he lay down in despair and lamented the loss of the awesome fort. For twenty minutes.

Naptime is my friend.


However, Ethan did not feel as though he needed to take a nap today. He informed me of this the whole time he was in his room, singing over and over again a little ditty that went something like this:

I all done nap.

I open da door.

I all done nap.

I open da door.

Mommy open da door?

Daddy open da door?

I open da door.

I all done nap.

Now he is up, released from the isolation of the Nap That Never Was, sitting in his (re-roofed) fort, reading library books, and all is right with the world again.




3 responses

13 09 2007

I am NOT looking forward to No Nap Days. I live for them. They are my crack.

13 09 2007

Isn’t motherhood grand?!!! Someday you may get to look back at it thru the eyes of your children & remember. Thanks for the memories. I did survive!!!

15 09 2007

My wife has almost gone completely insane in the last fortnight since our toddler stopped napping, so now between the toddler and the newborn my wife never gets 5 minutes to herself.
At least Little Miss stays in her room for an hour – it is one of life’s small mercys.

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