11 09 2007

I feel enormous. Not just, like, big, I’m talking small-wading-pool-strapped-to-my-front GINORMOUS. I maintain my prediction that if there are not three more babies hiding in there with the one the doctors are aware of, then one snowy day in December I’m going to make the history books when I become the first woman to give birth to a 2-year-old. Mark my words…

I remember feeling this way when I was pregnant for the first time- at 4 months, I thought I was sooo big. I WAS NOT. My pregnancy was only visible to those who knew me. The pregnant me now could eat that pregnant me for dinner, followed by a handful of candy corn, and later, a bowl of Cap ‘n Crunch. And still have room for more.

Except that this time, I have a previous pregnancy with which to compare my bigosity. I have photographic evidence I can point to, and say, See? THIS is big. THIS is a size that can instill fear in children and small animals. Look Out.

Exhibit A: This is me at 4 months with Ethan. Remember, when I thought I was huge? HA:


Exhibit B: This is me with my current pregnancy, also at 4 months.


Not too much of a difference, considering it is normal to show sooner with subsequent pregnancies.

Exhibit C: This is me at 6 months pregnant the last time:


Exhibit D: This is me now, taken only a few days ago, also at 6 months pregnant:


There is quite a difference between these photos; I’m not crazy, right? In fact, my current state looks more like I did at 9 months pregnant with Ethan:


What on earth am I going to look like when I actually AM 9 months pregnant? I’d better go buy a couple of extra cribs and strollers, because there’s no way I’m giving birth to a toddler. I refuse.



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11 09 2007

But the belly is SO cute!!! I was HUGE ALL OVER last pregnancy, and when I hear how big people get the second time around, I fear that when I have my next baby, if it is around Thanksgiving time, they may in fact mistake me for a Macy’s Day Parade float.

12 09 2007

Yeah, I admit, it IS pretty cute (thank you!). And I love showing it off. BUT. Come Thanksgiving I’m still going to be about 3 weeks from my due date, and I seriously FEAR how big this thing’s going to be by then! The power! The girth! It’s going to take over the world.

I don’t worry about being mistaken for a float (there’s no way I could get an inch off the ground); I worry they’ll mistake my belly for the turkey…

16 09 2007
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what u mean by that u are givin a birth to 2 yea old ?thats astonshing .

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