Excuses, excuses

10 09 2007

It has been a nonstop party around here, folks. There’s been a whole lot of NOTHING going on, unless you count someone’s continued refusal to poop in the potty, my neverending back pain, lots of Dead Like Me watching, and a nice, big weekend fight between the husband and I (just to round things out) as action-packed news. Which I do not.

I’ve been posting less frequently lately partly because Ethan has unlocked the mystery of the doorknob and now just leaves his room when he decides he’d rather not nap, thus cutting into my blogging time, and partly because Yo, Gabba Gabba does not air 24 hours a day. If it did, I have no doubt that I’d all of a sudden find myself with infinite time to kill, as Ethan would watch that show forever and ever if allowed. And then there’s this pesky back pain I’ve been whining and complaining about, getting worse as the weeks go by. It’s not something I was plagued with when pregnant the last time around, but then again, I did nothing but sit on my butt and grow last time; this time I do a lot of chasing and picking up and carrying and wrangling a toddler who must be sneaking in some Gummy Beary Juice somewhere, because his energy is LIMITLESS, I swear. And wah, wah, wah, I’m just sooo tired.

But hopefully I’ll get back into it this week. This post, a freebie for me, since it’s basically just pictures, will hopefully get things going. First, last week’s homework lesson from Crafty Daisies:


And second, the 26 week belly in all its glory:




7 responses

10 09 2007

You should get a child-proof door knob protector, so your loving audience doesn’t miss any of your action packed life.


10 09 2007

I just clicked back at that site and it has this random area for children and everything else is animals. Weird.

11 09 2007

Having a bad back sucks, pregnant or not, so I totally feel your pain. You’re allowed to complain about it! Have you tried heating pads or warm baths? I can’t remember if they’re safe to use, but it can’t hurt to ask. I have an electric one I lie on when my back is really bad.

11 09 2007

My grandmother crocheted doorknob covers that she used to put over the doorknobs to make them difficult for a toddler to turn. I don’t remember how she did it, I imagine maybe there was a drawstring or something that went around the thin part of the doorknob (in between the doorknob and the door).

11 09 2007

Hallie: That IS weird… that you would send me to a pet site for something for my child… hmm… ๐Ÿ˜›

AndreAnna: I haven’t tried heating pads because I assumed they weren’t allowed, but I am definitely going to ask my dr. on Friday what my options are.

Douglas: I LOVE that- my next knitting project is going to be to create a pattern for a knitted doorknob cover. Thank you!!

13 09 2007

I too totally understand back pain.I am very impressed with your embrodery it’s beautiful!!! Hang in there. I remember another little boy who didn’t like to take his nap, I told him if he wasn’t going to sleep he still had to stay in his bed and at least rest (he was allowed to read a couple books), but had to say put.He would end up falling asleep moosst days.If not at least it gave me some time.

30 10 2009

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