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3 09 2007

The embroidery lessons continue at Crafty Daisies. Here’s my latest masterpiece:



My Bella Band arrived on Saturday and ohmygoodness how I love it! I changed my clothes immediately so that I could test drive it with a pair of pre-pregnancy pants. Without the Bella Band, the button of my pants was left open, as well as having to leave the fly unzipped completely, so that there were these two flaps of fabric just hanging there. The Bella Band covered that monstrosity up, held my pants up, and let me semi-experience a fashion trend that I’ve missed since getting pregnant: layering. True, it was fake layering, since I didn’t actually have a shirt on underneath my tank top. But to the untrained eye, it appeared as if I did.

I only wore it out grocery shopping though, so I can’t say for sure how it’ll hold up when I put it through the rigors of daily life with a toddler. I have a feeling it’ll be fine, but we’ll see. I will report back soon. And also I’ll hopefully have a picture of me wearing it, too, if for no other reason than I love it so much.


Question: Is it possible to develop an allergic reaction to my wedding band and engagement rings 3+ years after I began wearing them? Every time I do, after about a day or so, I’ve developed a ring of flesh-eating-virus-looking swollen skin on my finger. That ITCHES like the dickens. What’s up with this? Is this another one of those bizarre pregnancy-related things (see: feet growing multiple sizes, hair loss, middle of the night leg cramps, practically GOING BLIND, nose bleeds, ETC.)? It goes away if I stop wearing my rings. Weird.


And finally- hey! Have a belly!


25 weeks and counting…



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4 09 2007

Told ya you would love the Bella band!

And I had that weird thing with my rings too. It was from water and soap being underneath them. I had to stop wearing them for a month, keep putting cortisone on my fingers until it was all healed, and then be really conscious to take my rings off every time I washed my hands, showered, or went to sleep. And since then, they’ve been fine.

Not sure if your issue is the same thing, but it couldn’t hurt to try – or make a derm appointment! One of my best friends is a dermatologist so I often get to skip the office visits. Sweet! 😉

4 09 2007

Wow, your “homework” was the top picture shown on Crafty Daisies! Hallie has the same problem with her ring finger breaking out – maybe she has some advice. You may have eczema. Try not wearing your ring for a while and see what happens.

4 09 2007

The ring thing sucks. Jon makes fun of me and says we aren’t married b/c I am not wearing my rings but he is. I don’t have advice. I have left it off until it heals and then within two days my finger is itching and breaking out. I take my rings off every night and it still didn’t seem to work. I am planning on going to the doctors soon and I plan to ask.

5 09 2007

Thanks for the advice, guys! I haven’t worn them in a few days and the flesh-eating disease is gone. I’ll take them off whenever I wash my hands and see how that goes. If that doesn’t help, then I guess I’ll have to make a doctor’s appt. Blech.

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