Time worrying; time wasted

30 08 2007

The subject of an e-mail I got from BabyCenter.com yesterday: “17 signs of a possible pregnancy problem.”

I read that and immediately my heart stopped, because 17? Sevenfreakingteen? Why stop there? They couldn’t think of 44? They couldn’t list every possible problem EVER and literally freak the crap out of me a little more? BabyCenter is EVIL, I tell you. EVIL! Uh, oh… I just broke a nail banging out the word “evil” in all caps so passionately. Brittle nails… that’s on the list, isn’t it? Brittle nails are a sign that the baby’s growing horns, aren’t they? #18 on the list… Okay, now I can’t breathe. Shortness of breath and brittle nails, this can’t be good…


I’m embarassed to say that I just spent over an hour Simpsonizing myself, Jeff and Ethan (so much for going to bed early!). There was no pregnant character, and Ethan doesn’t have as much hair as his character does, so our’s aren’t that great. Jeff’s, however, is frighteningly accurate. I warn you not to click the link unless you have ample time to waste.






And Jeff. The Adamsimpsons Family.



One response

31 08 2007

You are right about Jeff!

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