27 08 2007

Ethan’s going through two (what I’m hoping are) phases right now: hitting people in the face and chewing on his hands. Not at the same time. That would take some talent. Although if anyone could hit someone while their hand was otherwise occupied in their mouth, he could do find a way, I have no doubt.

He hits when he’s angry or frustrated, he hits when he’s excited and having fun. Despite the number of times I’ve released the Stern Voice on him (and who wouldn’t be terrified of that??), he continues to slap us in the face. And the naughty chair just doesn’t seem to have any impact on him anymore. In fact, recently when I’ve asked “Do you want to go sit in the naughty chair??” in the voice that combines Stern with Threatening, he’s started to respond with an “Ohhhh, yes!” as if he’s just been asked if he would like to eat nothing but em em ems (M&Ms) for the rest of his days. Something’s gotta change here.

I’m not sure what to say about the hand chewing thing. Since his birth, he hasn’t really been the type of baby/toddler to put things in his mouth, even when he was teething. Which kind of negates my one and only theory on the subject, that his two-year molars are coming in and a hand in the mouth to gnaw on just feels better. But it’s been going on for a few weeks now and I don’t see any new teeth.

As for the potty-training, it’s still pretty slow-going. The only time Ethan ever ASKS to go potty is when he is being put down for a nap or bedtime. Then he acts like the potty is his BFF and he can’t wait to get in there- anything to put off going to sleep just a little. Occasionally he lets a little pee trickle into the pot, and once a nickel-sized chunk of poo. I make sure to praise him, tell him how proud of him I am and let him put a sticker on his Potty Success chart. Today we brought a magazine into the bathroom with us, in the hopes that it would keep Ethan busy, because the longer he sat there, the more chance that something would end up in that bowl. I just keep feeling like if he could just drop a big one, something really significant that he could be proud of, that would really get the ball rolling.

ethan_belly_21_wks.jpgAnd then there’s Ethan’s reaction to my ever-growing belly. He likes to pat it, and kiss and hug it, talk about how it is growing “biggler and biggler and biggler,” and I don’t have to tell you that it brings tears to my eyes every time he pats, kisses or hugs his baby brother; I will seriously not be able to stand the cuteness when he does this with his actual baby brother*, as opposed to my giant belly. But he’s also started lifting my shirt in order to get at the belly whenever the mood strikes for a pat, kiss or hug, and the fact that we are in the middle of Target, for example, doesn’t seem to bother him like it does me. And I’m thinking that applying some of these (particularly the one featuring the big STOP sign) would actually entice him to lift my shirt up even more instead of to refrain from doing it in public places. I guess they’re meant more for your local stranger than your own flesh and blood.


*Provided he’s even patting, kissing or hugging his baby brother in the first place, that is, and not hitting him in the face, which he has a fondness for doing, as I’ve mentioned.



2 responses

27 08 2007

Oh, how I need those next time!!

And how cute is he snuggling your belly? Argh. Love it!

I am useless on the hitting thing – I think it’s just a phase. My 15 month old is hitting and biting as well. It’s a glee-fest here some days.

28 08 2007

Oooh, biting. Luckily we’ve never had a problem with that. Yet. There’s always tomorrow…

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