23 08 2007

I’ve wanted to learn how to embroider for a long time and finally my wish has come true. Candace over at Crafty Daisies is teaching interested readers how to do just this in an instructional series. We’re at Lesson 2, and I just finished my “homework” and am so proud:


It doesn’t look like much, I know; but I was able to use 4 of the 7 stitches we’ve learned so far, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this a few days ago. I urge you to check out Crafty Daisies if learning to embroider is something you’re interested in.

(I just wiped Ethan’s nose with the same tissue in which earlier I wrapped his chewed-up, rejected and spit-out grape. Nominate me for mother of the year, someone. I am classy.)

So… brownies sound yummy, don’t they? After seeing this, I find myself wondering how I’ve survived this long without it. I’ve been an edge-eater my whole life, and I’m so ordering one four of these. (Edge-eating runs in the family.)

I’ll have to wait till morning to bake those brownies, though, because I’ve instituted a No-Eating-After-8 rule for myself. Which is really sad, because I do some of my best eating around 9 o’clock while I peruse the days’ blogs, and it usually involves candy corn and/or potato chips. (It’s also incredibly hard to do when you’re sitting here watching Top Chef, I wouldn’t recommend trying it.) However, this self-imposed rule is necessary thanks to this weekend’s arrival of the Heartburn That Kills. Sunday night, I was forced to sleep sitting up, and woke up Monday morning feeling like… I’d slept sitting up. It was awful.

I had this same killer heartburn when I was pregnant with Ethan, and it was so bad that when I think back on the pregnancy, that’s almost all I can remember, and it seems like I was suffering from it every second of those 9 months. This isn’t true; it didn’t start until I was 4 or 5 months along. But since I’d made it 5 and 1/2 months without so much as a burn, I foolishly thought this time would be different. I WAS WRONG. It is back with a vengeance, and I know it’s only going to get worse. I’ve got my Maalox and my Rolaids next to the bed, I’m sleeping with three big pillows stacked behind me and propping me up into a seated position, I’m not eating anything after 8, and I’M READY FOR YOU, HEARTBURN THAT KILLS.

Speaking of pregnancy (the guy on TV just said the word ‘pregnancy’ at the same time I was typing it; I get an odd thrill whenever that happens), I’m starting to feel a bit like a big Butterball turkey. My one-time innie is about to pop out into an outie any day now, like that little button on the turkey that pops out when it’s done. Only my button is popping out 20 weeks early!



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23 08 2007

I actually called my doctor when I was like 7 months pregnant because I swore I was going to overdose on Tums, or get kidney stones or something. There should be another word for the pregnancy heartburn – more like “incubator hellfire” or something.

Hope you get some relief. Even water bothered me. Ugh. I feel so bad for you!

24 08 2007
Ethans oma

Your embroidery work is very good ! Didn’t i try to teach you a long time ago how to do that ? Maybe it was too long ago and you weren’t ready.

24 08 2007

So cute! I have a great recipe to send along to you, so be ready for that. Also, I feel like Ethan has grown about a foot since the last time I saw you guys…when was that, end of June?

24 08 2007

We are going to own an edge pan by the end of the weekend! What a fantastic idea and perfect for our house as well. Is that embroidery project difficult? It looks adorable.

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