Things Maine has that Virginia DOES NOT

22 08 2007

*A totally awesome chair ride that was not put there to help my elderly grandmother up the stairs but, DUH, was obviously put there for Ethan’s climbing and riding pleasures.


*Trucks with shady signs that sell seafood out the back.

*Humpty. Dumpty. Chips. Oh no wait, Virginia does have these now, as I’ve brought back enough bags to feed our whole community. Or get me through the last 4 months of pregnancy, whichever.

*Telephones with cords. That are attached to the wall. Ethan’s only other experience with one of these comes from this thing, so I don’t need to tell you how fascinating he found this one. He pulled it down on his head more than once.

*Tea time and frilly hats. Alright, they probably have these in Virginia. But not in the Virginia Daddy lives in.

-Big Trucks. Grrr.




3 responses

22 08 2007

I want a chair ride!!!!

22 08 2007

I’m so glad Ethan was showing his Red Sox pride while in New England. You guys are such responsible parents to be raising him as a proper Sox fan even though he’s not growing up in New England!

23 08 2007

i can’t believe you put a picture of my son in a “frilly hat” on the internet. sigh.

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