Goodbye, Vacationland… Hello, Lovers

20 08 2007

Did you know that it takes ten and a half hours to drive from Maine to Virginia? Did you know that that is a freaking long time to spend in the car? Did you know that if you’re my mom you drove that entire distance (yes, ENTIRE; she couldn’t possibly ask her pregnant, sore and sick daughter to take a shift, could she? Even when the daughter offerred?), reached my house at 3:30 in the morning, helped unload the car and loaded up your own, just to get back in the car and drive another 6 hours back to Pennsylvania? She must be crazy! That, or she was afraid of the revolt the live lobsters in the cooler in the backseat would stage if they weren’t thrown screaming into a pot of boiling water, SOON.

Even though it was a long trip, it was a good one. And I complain, but really, the car ride wasn’t that bad. Ethan was an absolute ANGEL, sleeping most of the time (thank you again, Benadryl) and talking to us in his cute little gibberish language the rest (although at about 1am during the trip there he did repeat “No more Maine!” over and over again until he fell asleep- that part was clearly understood and not at all gibberish). Also, we witnessed a high speed pursuit in downtown New York City at 3am, which was very exciting. The highlight of our drive, you might say.

I ate LOTS of Humpty Dumpty chips and saw lots of family. And of course they spoiled Ethan, who now thinks that it is customary to bring him a gift whenever you see him. We did the Children’s Museum in Portland, had a picnic at Deering Oaks Park, and rode the rides and ate caramel corn in Old Orchard Beach. And it wasn’t until the car ride back that Ethan and I came down with matching colds that still have not left us. Ethan’s wasn’t too bad, a slight fever and a really runny nose; but mine felt more like the flu, what with the nausea, dizziness and sore throat on top of the fever, stuffiness and achiness. But at least the germs waited till the END of the vacation to show up.

There was no internet where we were staying (my grandma’s not an internet type of gal), and rather than try to find any, I just enjoyed my time away from technology and e-mail and Lindsay Lohan coverage. Which means I did not post any belly pics! So that means double the belly this time. 22 weeks:


And 23 weeks:


Baby boy must have his kicky boots on because kid does not give me a moment’s peace! Not that I mind. 😉

When we got back, there was no milk in the house. No milk that wasn’t spoiled and rancid, that is. And it’s not like there was no one here in the house while Ethan and I were gone to drink the milk, or throw out the bad milk, or go buy new milk. I left Jeff with a pan of stuffed shells and a cheesecake to get him through the loneliness of my absence, but he couldn’t go out and buy a gallon of milk… whatever. (Apparently I should go away more, and for longer amounts of time, because from the way he talked (“I ran the dishwasher once while you were gone; you’ve been back a day and it’s full already!” and “I emptied the garbage once while you were gone; you’ve been back a day and it’s full already!”) life is much simpler in the land of All Videos Games, All the Time without the kid and the wife around.)

Anyway, I was at the grocery store a few days ago (with a FEVER- coughJeffreycough) to get some milk and- did you know they’ve already got the Halloween candy out??? School hasn’t started yet! It is still summer! I’ve still got my farmer’s tan! I just don’t get it. Not that I let that stop me from passing the candy corn by, mind you. It’s 95° outside and we’re setting up the Halloween displays in stores. In that case I guess I’d better get to packing my hospital bag.  December 17th is right around the corner, folks.



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20 08 2007
ethans oma

Once again, I really do enjoy driving. Especially when there is no “guy” breathing down my neck, ready to critique my every move/accidental wrong turn or to tell me that I’m going 90 mph. Duh! I knew that. And Ethan WAS an angel. I have a serious case of Ethan-withdrawals, again. It was so cute when he woke up on the way home and said “go back Nana’s ?” The lobster made it to their “destination” just fine, thank you.

20 08 2007

I heart candy corn.

I may need to go in quest of some! Glad you had a nice trip. I relinquish my internet clawing and fighting, but when I do, I always enjoy the break. I realize that people actually have faces!!

Love the belly shots this week.

20 08 2007
ethans oma

By the way, I HEARD that there was some sort of a cow-revolt……no milk to be found for MILES around in the greater D.C.-VA vicinity…..I’m just saying….I don’t think it was his fault.

23 08 2007

honestly, i only drank the milk a couple of times while you were gone and it wasn’t expired according to the date. also, the milk was NOT rancid it was just… going bad.

oh, and there was a cow-revolt.

24 08 2007
ethans oma

I KNEW it !!

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