Future postman; pacifier update; belly

6 08 2007

mimi_jr.jpgAs Ethan is OBSESSED with the mailman (or “mimi” as he is known around here) lately, and looks forward to our daily walk to get the mail, Jeff made him this awesome, and very realistic-looking, I must add, mailbox of his own. Now Ethan can “mail” things all day long, and now we have a use for our junk mail! Add to that some play mail that we made for him, and he’s got himself a whole bagful of letters and flyers to send out 50 times a day. Cool, no?


So I know you’re just dying to know: how’d it go last night without the pacifier? It went about a million times better than I’d expected. That’s not to say that it went perfectly; it’s just that I had been expecting Hell, and since no one died in the process I would say that it went pretty well.

After being told that his “backyla” was broken and he wouldn’t have one again, Ethan went to bed and cried for the first 20 or 30 minutes. The next 20 or 30 minutes were spent with him talking to himself about the loss of his pacifier and saying “Pease, Mommy, pease, Daddy…”, in a pathetic little voice that almost had me in there comforting him, but I resisted! Which is good because then it was quiet and he was asleep. And that was it. The end. Very easy. Too easy, you might even say… Hmm… It would probably be best not to let my guard down for the next few days; I wouldn’t put it past Ethan to be planning a counter-attack. He’s tricky like that.


Ah, yes, and the belly. After looking this week’s picture, I had to have Jeff redo it and switch from pictures that included my head as well as my belly to just my belly. IT’S TAKING OVER. It’s no longer possible to fit anything other than the belly in a shot! Here ya go, 21 weeks and counting…





4 responses

6 08 2007

Jeff, you are very crafty like your wife! The mailbox looks terrific!

6 08 2007
ethans oma

I love the mailbox !! Nice going, Jeff !

6 08 2007

Wow, the most creative thing my husband makes usually ends up either electrocuting him or setting him aflame. Nice to see your man channeling it in way more productive ways.

Glad the night went so well! You give me hope. Though I am a big sissy marypants and have a very hard time not comforting when they say “please, momma.” It damn near breaks my heart.

So, in 13 years, if you see a 14-year old with a “bippy,” she’s mine and it was because I was too big a puss to take it from her. Plus, she’s scary – I swear I saw her rotate her head completely once.

7 08 2007

“Pease, mommy, pease, Daddy” BREAKS MY HEART. That little cutie.

Also, that mailbox totally rules.

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