The End came… and went

5 08 2007

Today was the day I thought the world would end. I knew it would be coming any day now, especially since this morning when I went into Ethan’s room to get him, he said to me, “Mommy, bwoken…” and proceeded to demonstrate what exactly it was that was broken by shoving his finger into the hole of his chewed up pacifier. “Oh, yes, I guess it is broken,” I replied. We still had one more pacifier in the house, though, so I didn’t think today would be The Day.

But when Jeff went to put Ethan down for his nap, and I informed him of our dwindling pacifier supply, he said “Well we’ll just put him down without it.” Simple as that. As if the pacifier weren’t a part of Ethan’s body when he sleeps. I said, “Go for it,” since I was eating my lunch and therefore any meltdowns would be Jeff’s responsibility, not mine.

15 minutes later, stories read and Ethan tucked in, Jeff returned from Ethan’s room with the baby monitor… the silent baby monitor. “What did you tell him?” I asked in shock. “He only asked for it a few times. I just told him it was broken and he accepted it.” Wow. WOW. This was NOT how I thought this would go down.

And in moments Ethan’s first words since being put down for his nap came across the monitor: “Daddy, backyla*, bwoken.” Then he started singing. I think the next time he’s pitching a fit for ice cream or something I’m just going to tell him that all the ice cream is broken, because that seems to be an inarguable explanation.

And that was it. No meltdowns, no fits, no deaths. No End of the World. He did talk and sing for quite awhile, due to there being no plug there and all. After about an hour of this though, Jeff heard Ethan banging on his bedroom door (not in angry/upset way, just in a bored/I-have-nothing-else-to-do way)  so he went to check on him and return him to his bed. Which Ethan was not happy about. Then he said he needed to go potty, and then there were M&Ms and so… well, he never did get that nap, and therefore we don’t know for sure or not if he ever would have fallen asleep without his pacifier. But lucky for us, we are sure to find out tonight…


*“Backyla” is how Ethan says “pacifier.” 



3 responses

5 08 2007

So you are getting somewhere with the potty training?

5 08 2007

I am reading this with intensity because my 15 month old is addicted to her “bippies” and I know this day will come some day. Hope tonight goes well!

6 08 2007

Hallie: Yeah, slowly but surely, we are getting somewhere. He FAKES all the time that he needs to go potty, when really he’s just hoping for an M&M. But as of last week he’s finally starting to actually GO in the potty. Nothing of any significant amount, mind you, but even a tiny little bit is encouraging; at least now he gets the idea as to what this is all about.

AndreAnna: It did go well, by some miracle, thank you! I have to say, though, I kind of find myself wishing we’d done this a little sooner, maybe started around 18 months instead? Its just so hard to take something away from them that they find soothing, ya know?

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