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3 08 2007

After reading Swistle’s own version of the newsletter and CRACKING UP, I thought I’d give my own a try. This is a meme started by Stacie of The Twinkies, wherein you write an upbeat and positive paragraph of what your college alumni newsletter might say about you, then follow it with one of humor and harsh REALITY. Here’s mine:

After 3 blissful years of marriage, Jeff and Caley are still happily married! They have one son, Ethan, 2, and are excited to welcome their new son in December. Caley says that the pregnancy is going amazingly; she’s never felt better or healthier or more alive in her life! Jeff really enjoys being in the Army and the freedom it offers him, and doesn’t mind at all the possibility that he could soon leave to serve our country in Iraq. At 25 months, Ethan isn’t your typical 2-year-old; in fact, he’s been referred to more than once as a ‘perfect angel.’ I guess you could say that this family’s got it all!


After 3 years of marriage, Jeff and Caley are still living together (happily, though only during those rare moments when Caley’s hormones aren’t raging). They have one son and are excited to welcome another in December. Caley says that pregnancy SUCKS BUTT, and often wonders why the thing has to last for 9 whole months; she’s never felt more impatient, more stuffed-up, or more like a big fat slug that can’t even move off the couch without the promise of food in her life. Jeff is in the Army, and THEY OWN HIM. He is aware of the fact that if they try to ship him off to Iraq in a few months, they’ll have to go through his pregnant wife first, and GOOD LUCK TO THEM. Ethan is your typical 2-year-old, as he loves to scream, throw his chewed up food, and make messes. He is an angel, but only in his grandmothers’ minds.



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3 08 2007

Oh, I love it! I wasn’t a huge fan of pregnancy either.

3 08 2007


3 08 2007
ethans oma

He IS an angel !!!!

3 08 2007

*snicker* Good one.

Excellent work! To the meme-mobile!


4 08 2007

This was hysterical! Really well done.

4 08 2007

Oh, so true, huh?

2 11 2007
Traditional, ours was not « Sublime Bedlam

[…] Posted by Caley under Married Life   I’ve been inspired by a Swistle post yet again. I don’t want to say that I’m copying her, “copying” is so… harsh. […]

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