Baby gear knock-off

31 07 2007

When it comes to certain pieces of baby gear/clothing/accessories, we’re not given much choice. Take, for example, diapers; whether you go for Pampers, Luvs, or store brand, basically you end up with the same piece of Sesame-Street-character-decorated underwear-shaped absorbant cotton (although some are definitely more absorbant than others). Or, there’s the crib sheet; blue, pink, polka dotted or striped, it’s all the same.

Or how about the onesie; a onesie is a onesie is a onesie, right? Used to be. Now you can get some pretty cool, pretty unique, and pretty funny baby tees. Then there’s baby shoes; gone are the days of giant, clunky, hard as steel white baby shoes. Now there are soft-soled leather booties like Robeez, with about a million different styles out there.

Another staple of the new baby that has recently taken on a change is the changing pad. We are no longer limited simply to that dingy, folded up pad. There are choices, people, choices! You wouldn’t think that something whose main purpose is to protect the couch, bed, carpet, whatever surface you put the baby on, from unexpected poopslides or pee showers, could be so stylish. And yet, some of these things could walk runways.

After seeing a number of different sites on the internet offering these stylish changing pads, I knew that with baby #2, I’d be saying goodbye to the boring old white changing pad. I also knew, however, that there was no way I’d be paying $25-60 for one! And so I raided my fabric stash for a couple of cute pieces and got to whipping up my own.

ingredients.jpg What I used: fabric (which I purchased months and months ago, all on sale and very cheap), a paperbag (to make the pattern… because I’m ghetto like that), a big old piece of vinyl (I found a vinyl table pad at the PX for a whopping $3.99- it is big enough that 25 years from now, when I’m about to welcome my first grandchild, I will still be cutting the vinyl out of that same piece to make Ethan’s new baby it’s own stylish changing pad), coordinating buttons and elastic cord, and water soluble pencil.

Very easy to make: first decide on a size. I went BIG; I thought of the nastiest public changing table I ever used with Ethan- there were, unfortunately, quite a few- and knew I wanted something that would be big enough to cover as much of the grossity as possible. The finished size is 22″ x 15″, but of course you want to cut your pattern a little bigger to allow for the hem.

diaper_bags_pads.jpgPlace the paper bag ghetto fabulous pattern on the fabric, trace with the pencil, cut out. Do the same on the vinyl. When they’re cut, you want to put them up next to each other to make sure they match up, and trim any excess. And this is where it gets even more ghetto: when I was about to sew the thing up, I found that my sewing machine did not work- something with the tension was off that I just could not fix. And, impatient child that I am, I wasn’t going to wait till it was fixed to finish, so it was on to plan B: my friend, liquid stitch, machine washable! A little liquid stitch around the outside of the fabric, and slap the two pieces together.

From then on, it’s just a matter of sewing on the button and the elastic cord loop for closure. And that’s it- my very own stylish changing pads for less than $7 each. Now, bring on the poop!



While Baby Football was a willing model, Ethan had a rough time dealing with the fact that I was taking a picture of something OTHER THAN HIM, and refused to let me get a shot without him in it. We’ll just pretend he’s practicing changing the new baby’s diaper…



5 responses

31 07 2007

Your craftiness and cooking talents always lead me to envy! How cute are those changing pads?! Really, you amaze me. I aspire to be you someday.

1 08 2007
ethans oma

You are SO clever !! Did you inherit that or something ?

1 08 2007

I love this… good idea. I’m always looking for good ideas of things to make for the coming baby. Time to go to the fabric store!

Thanks for your comment today, I’m glad I’m not the only one with nutty dreams.

3 08 2007

This is an awesome idea. Figuring out ways to get or make things more cheaply than they can be purchased in baby-themed stores is always a good thing, I’m finding.

14 08 2007

glad we were able to inspire you!

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