30 07 2007

Our cat left a dead bird on our doorstep this morning. What? Oh yes, that’s right- WE DON’T HAVE A CAT. And yet, one is killing small animals and leaving their dead bodies in front of our door. This whole cat situation seemed to have gotten better; while he still occasionally hangs out on our balcony, he leaves as soon as he spies my trusty spray bottle- I don’t even get the pleasure of spraying him with water before he’s gone. But at least he isn’t there, all the time, watching us eat and MEOWing all the time, like he used to be. I wonder if he somehow found out about that thing I did (accidentally) in Erie, and this is how it’s gonna be now?


Have you seen this new show on Abc Family, “GrΣΣk”? Jeff and I watched the first episode, after which Jeff asked what I thought. I gave it a thumbs down. The main kid, Rusty, way overdoes the nerdy-outcast thing, or does it way too well, I haven’t decided. Which I wouldn’t mind, except that I’m still slightly mourning the loss of a way cuter and far wittier certain prime-time nerd (not to mention his sidekick, Captain Oats). Jeff’s response was that it was just the first episode- we shouldn’t give up on it just yet (the same thing he said to me the first time I watched “Firefly,” and on that alone I had to trust him).

We’re now on the third episode, and it has yet to really improve, but! I think I’ve just figured out why Jeff has so loyally stuck with this sucktastic show: the lightbulb went off as all 9 of the ZBZ pledges ripped off their preppy outfits to reveal matching pink underwear sets and did a choreographed dance/strip tease. Who needs plotlines, or actors who can, you know, act, when you’ve got naked sorority girls? Not my husband, apparently.


I’m so over coffee cake. It was delicious, yes, but I have since moved on to bigger and better things: strawberry rhubarb pie*. I’ve been looking for recipes, and yesterday I stocked up on strawberries. You would think next on my list would be a trip to the farmer’s market in search of the rhubarb, but luckily for me this just happened to arrive in the mail today:


Yes, my grandma sent me a box of rhubarb in the mail. Who mails rhubarb? My nana, that’s who. My mom happened to mention my latest craving to her and she got right on it (picked from her own backyard in Maine) and did her part to help out. Oh, I love Nana. 🙂

I found a recipe yesterday that looked good, got to work and… voilá!


SO FREAKING GOOD. Seriously, it was amazing. If you have a nana, I recommend contacting her and asking her to mail you some of your own rhubarb. Or, you know, you could just go to the store and buy some. Whatever. Just make this pie!


*Interesting to note: I’ve never actually had rhubarb before, ever. I’m now craving things that I don’t even know if I like! Pregnancy is so wierd.



3 responses

30 07 2007
ethans oma

The reason for the gifts from the cat is to get on your good side, of course. Maybe he’s afraid of what your next craving might be, who knows? Wish I could sample the pie !

30 07 2007

I think the cat is trying to teach you (or maybe Ethan) how to hunt.
Just think, if you get enough birds, you could have four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie. (I couldn’t resist)
I’ll bet it isn’t as tasty as your strawberry rhubarb pie though.

31 07 2007

Perhaps it’s something in the air.

Last night I had to make a berry cobbler. I’ve never actually made a cobbler before, but that didn’t stop me, oh no. It was cobbler or nothing. Pie would have made more sense. At least I’ve been known to occasionally bake a pie.

That cobbler was some tasty though.

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