Before I forget…

29 07 2007

This week’s gem from the good people at (the same site that provided me with bathing-your-newborn tips when I was 12 weeks along), offering advice in trying to name your baby:

Initials and nicknames. People, especially kids, can be cruel when it comes to nicknames, so try to anticipate any potentially embarrassing ones. Consider your child’s initials as well, so you don’t inadvertently saddle him with a doozy like Z.I.T. or P.E.E.

And here’s this week’s belly gem, 20 weeks:




2 responses

30 07 2007

I tend to think of as the mothership for the paranoid pregnant women. Seriously, have you ever browsed those forums? I just don’t have the energy to spend being that clueless and worried.

30 07 2007

I can only imagine what those forums are like! I refuse to let myself get sucked into the madness. I was worse with my first pregnancy, because I DID get sucked in and thanks to, found lots and lots to worry about, unnecessarily. This time I’m just having fun laughing at those kinds of sites, and trying to do a lot more enjoying than worrying.

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