Traffic control

26 07 2007

If you know me, then you know that I’m not the kind of person who speaks out against authority figures, even when I disagree or know they are wrong (usually; I have to REALLY disagree, or there has to be the injuring of innocent unicorns involved, it has to be THAT wrong). I am not even the kind of person who will stand up to NON-authority figures. I think it’s a combination of being shy and having been raised always to be respectful of others, especially those who were in charge.

I am, however, the kind of person who WISHES she’d stood up and spoke her mind, AFTER the fact. I go on and on in my head (acually to my husband, usually), overanalyzing what happened, thinking of all the awesome, witty, right-on! things I could have said, and didn’t.

A few months ago, as I was backing out of the driveway, I almost hit a car that was driving the wrong way down our street. While I had checked the street for oncoming traffic before proceeding to reverse down the driveway and onto the road, I will admit, I had not checked the opposite direction, since our driveway is located on a traffic circle, and therefore should only have traffic coming from one direction (plus there was a car parked in the street that blocked my view of oncoming (from the wrong way) traffic, anyway). Here, let me see if I can make this a little clearer:


(The arrows show the correct flow of traffic. “A” represents the other driver, headed in the opposite direction of the arrow, right toward me, “B,” as I backed out of our driveway.)

There is no sign posted that says “One-way traffic” or anything else that might be helpful to those with no common sense. THERE SHOULD BE. After I’d slammed on the brakes, and she’d slammed on hers, and we both sat there for that awkward 4 seconds where we go “Whew, that was close,” before we continue on our way again, all I managed was an Angry Face (angrily made in my rearview mirror with the angry hope that the other driver would see it and be scared). And then, after she’d parked a few feet further down the circle, I angrily demonstrated to her with the index fingers of both hands the correct direction traffic should be headed on the circle. HaHA! Take that, you incompentent driver! I pointed at you! That oughtta teach her. I’m so lame.

I’ve since seen that same woman in her black Camry pull into our traffic circle in the same illegal fashion about 4 or 5 times. I guess my Angry Pointing didn’t have the desired effect, what a surprise. I’ve also complained of this woman and her driving to Jeff multiple times, for all the good that does. And every time I see her do it, it frustrates me, but what am I gonna do?

Well, a few mornings ago, as I backed out of our driveway, I once again almost hit THE SAME IDIOT. This time, however, as I drove by her, I rolled my window down and said “You’re going the wrong way.”

“Oh, really? I didn’t know this was one-way.”

“Most people do… see how all these cars are parked facing that way?” I asked.

“Well, I work in the office right there, and none of us knew it was one-way.”

“Well, since this is the second time we’ve almost hit each other, you might want to get it figured out.” (Put up a sign or something! I wanted to add, but did not.) After I’d said this, she didn’t respond, just pulled away and parked.

So I pulled away, feeling 10 feet tall and mightily pumping my fist in the air. I’d finally said something, and not 2 hours later to my husband who, let’s be honest, really doesn’t care all that much; I’d said it in the heat of the moment, without thinking, and no regrets! I was so proud of myself.

I only hope that I’m right, and that the traffic circle actually is one-way. I’m not sure how exactly one goes about finding out something like that (do I ask a crossing guard? would the mailman know? he works for the government… which… has something to do with roads and stuff, right? no? hm…), but I plan to find out. And I’d better do it quick, otherwise I know a certain Toyota owner who would love to set me straight…



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26 07 2007

That looks like a round-about and on RIT campus and in Chicago it is one-way. The only difference is the driveways would be the other entering traffic instead of side streets.

26 07 2007
ethans oma

I stand behind you 100%…if that traffic circle was NOT one-way then there would have to be a stop sign at some point, either where (normal people) enter it (on the other side of the road of course), or where (normal people) exit the circle, (or both places) so that there would be no OTHER almost-near-collisions ! There’s NO question about that, though they could put up a sign for those who are common-sense-challenged.

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