My fence is so much cooler

24 07 2007

I made it to page 86 of “The Deathly Hallows” before bookmarking it and setting the book down Saturday night; I haven’t picked it up since. This is because after listening to me yell out things like, “Ohmygoodness, I’d forgotten- he died in the last book!” and “Ohhh, yeah- it looks like Snape did it!” and “Harry and Ginny? When did that happen??” and “Wait, they’re wizards? And they do magic?” Jeff had had enough and convinced me to put it down and reread book six first. Which I am halfway through and enjoying as if I had never read it before (being 2 months postpartum at the time, I guess I can’t really be surprised that none of it stuck).


I went for a walk this morning. And… ouch. Given the way I’m now waddling around the house and complaining about how sore I am, you’d think I’d done a heck of a lot more than walk a measly 2 miles. Up until we went on vacation a few weeks ago, I was doing a really great job at getting myself and Ethan out the door for a 3 (or more) mile walk at least 3, if not 5, days a week. This motivation was due in part to the WOMAN challenge I’d been participating in.

Well, the challenge is over now, has been for about a month. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t exercise at all while we were on vacation, but did manage to eat out A LOT. Apparently those factors have combined with my ever-growing belly to defeat me. At least I’ll always have coffee cake. And when that’s gone, whatever else I happen to be craving at the moment.

Although I’m wondering if a tiny part of the reason I was so quickly exhausted today could maybe have been due to some emotional stress? Jeff and I STILL have not come to an agreement; he wants to know the sex of the baby. I do not. Period. The end. We have less than 24 hours until the ultrasound on Wednesday, and there is no compromise in sight.

Jeff wants to know if the baby is a boy or a girl, mainly so that he can be prepared; prepared in the sense that he may need time to get used to the idea of a daughter, because what exactly does one do with a girl? He’s an expert when it comes to a son, but a daughter represents millions of things about which he has no idea. But also prepared in the practical sense; any purchases we would need to make as far as baby gear and clothing may somewhat depend on gender (for instance, no need to buy as much clothes-wise if it’s a boy, since I’ve had all of Ethan’s clothes organized by month and stored away as soon as he outgrew them).

And then there’s me– I do not want to know the sex of the baby for a few simple reasons: 1, we found out at the ultrasound with the last one- why not let ourselves experience the surprise at the birth this time? Plus, can one ever really be prepared to meet their child, boy or girl? I’m not going to be any more prepared with 21 weeks notice than no notice. And all we have to do is stick to gender-neutral baby gear and clothing. Problem solved.

So, there you have it- Jeff’s on that fence, I’m on this other one, waaay over here. And neither one of us has any plans to join the other at his or her respective fence. We tried discussing the issue again last night and got nowhere, and afterwards I spent a good while being upset and in tears. Part of me feels I am being very logical in my desire to not find out, and the other part of me feels that Jeff should just give in, because what husband dares go against his pregnant wife’s wishes?

I honestly don’t see us coming to an agreement before Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, I do see us getting into an argument right there in front of our ultrasound technician as I lay belly-up on the table, the cold goo oozing down my sides. I wonder if there’s any way I can tell the technician ahead of time (in secret, of course, before Jeff has arrived) that if she’ll declare that she can’t get a good enough look to tell if it’s a boy or a girl, I will make it worth her while. How does $20 sound? Or I could name the baby after her?

Clearly, I’m desperate.



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24 07 2007

Ok…so I finally got that cookie recipe from Cooking Light for the AMAZING cookies….let me know your email and I’ll send it to ya!

Great for those cravings, I’m sure…

24 07 2007

isn’t it “deathly hallows”?

24 07 2007

ok, can’t you guys just not look at the ultrasound and have the tech tell Jeff outside of the room while you’re getting dressed? That way, he will be able to prepare mentally, but you can stick with gender-neutral clothes so the surprise isn’t ruined for you? That’s what they did on Gilmore Girls. Maybe it only works on TV, though…

Good luck either way!

25 07 2007

This is a tough one. I also didn’t want to find out, my husband did. I gave in because he was more attached to his fence than I was to mine. I might use the “but you got your way last time” argument, but then I am childish and petty.

And I always have to reread Harry Potter books. This time I’m thinking about starting at one and reading all the way through to the end. Because I am pregnant and therefore insane.

26 07 2007

Jeff: Uh, yeah, that’s what I said. 😛

Meg: Yeah, we thought of that, and I knew there was no way that Jeff could go the whole rest of the pregnancy without slipping up, nor could I stand that he knew and I didn’t. Only on tv!

aliasmother: I just finished rereading book 6, and I only wish that I wasn’t so impatient- I wish I’d reread starting from book 1! There was sooo much in book 6 that I didn’t remember. Having the very last book in the series waiting for you at the end of the reread session will make it all worth in at the end. If I didn’t have a toddler to chase around all day, I MAY have attempted it.

Oh, and also, I tried using the “but you got your way last time” argument, even though technically my husband didn’t get his way last time, because I was desperate. Didn’t work.

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