Keep your giant foam fingers in the stadium

23 07 2007

Or, How not to run your business

ethan_sox.jpgThe other day while shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I turned the aisle with Ethan in the cart and passed three B,B&B employees. One, a manager or something, saw Ethan’s Red Sox hat, made a disgusted face and said in a disgusted voice, “Oh, I am SOOO sorry your parents are Red Sox fans.” He then proceeded to laugh hilariously at his clever joke, though not as hard or as hilariously as the other two employees, clearly his underlings and wanting to impress him with the hopes that he’d promote them from sales associate to… sales associate in charge of harrassing customers? I don’t know. It’s not the first time total strangers have made comments on Ethan’s hat. I’m fine with them; I realize SOME people *coughOMAcough* take their sports teams of choice seriously, and I’m all for a little friendly banter. However, it IS the first time those comments, good or bad, have not been followed by some positive words, to show that, hey, there are no hard feelings; I don’t wish wrath or harm upon you simply because you root for that team or this one; we can still be friends (or, rather, total strangers who coexist in peace, as the case may be).

In this case, the manager of the store simply insulted me, laughed, and went back to what I’m sure was very taxing, stressful work (those walls of towels don’t color coordinate themselves, you know). Correct me if I’m wrong, but… isn’t the theory to be nice to your paying customers, even if you’re lying through your teeth, in order to get them to spend as much money as possible? Go ahead and rip on the Sox, if that’s what your loyalty to the Nationals or the Navigators or the Nasties or the Nobodies or whomever you follow makes you want to do. But have your laugh, and then fix things! Make it clear you’re just joshing me (try as I might to suppress her, the Erieite in me comes out every once in a while, as evidenced by that verb) and that it’s all in good fun. Sugar coat it. Lie if you must!

I’m considering using the things I bought that day and returning them. Perhaps I’ll even discretely spray paint “Red Sox are #1!” on them first.




4 responses

23 07 2007
ethans oma

That’s my girl !!!

23 07 2007
ethans oma

Also, it’s too bad you didn’t ask him/her why he/she would be sorry for that since the Red Sox are in first place ?

23 07 2007

He was probably just jealous…or a Yankees fan, sad that they’re still 7.5 games out of first. How can you NOT want to be a Red Sox fan?

ps – did you know that they fired Tater and renamed the Navigators? (way to put in a little Norwich pride, by the way). Yup, they are now called the “Connecticut Defenders” and the mascot is an eagle named Cutter.

24 07 2007

I can’t believe the Norwich Navigators are no more! I feel like I’ve lost a part of myself…

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