A couple of things that have nothing much to do with anything

20 07 2007

Jeff told me that he saw in the Eagle (the Fort Belvoir newspaper (if 7 pages of post goings-on, crimes on post, and military-family-about-to-move-everything-must-go! sales, counts as a newspaper, that is)) that the PX will be opening at 6 am Saturday morning for an early bird sale of the seventh Harry Potter book release. To which I said, “Cool… are you going to go?” He replied, “No… you?” “Nope.” But now I’m reconsidering. I don’t mind getting up at 5:30, since I’ll be able to go back to bed when I get home, and maybe even squeeze in an extra hour of sleep with the excuse, “YOU get up with Ethan; I went out and bought Harry Potter at 6 am, you so owe me.”

However, this book release, for me, isn’t like most of the others, since it’s only the second one to come out since I had a kid (the last one didn’t really count, since I was free to read as much as I wanted while caring for a 2-month-old; 2-year-olds aren’t quite as willing to let Mommy have her free time). Pre-Ethan, I could buy the book as soon as it came out, sit down in a comfy chair, and not get up until I’d finished reading the thing. Since I can only read during naptimes and at night now, I wonder if it’s even worth it? And like I said, I don’t mind getting up early for it; but do I want to fight a crowd of children for it, too?


The potty training progress has… well, stopped progressing. Not only are M&Ms still demanded and whined for just for looking at the potty (which I haven’t given in to, despite the “Peese, Mommy” combined with the Pathetic Face, a very strategic ploy on Ethan’s part, gotta give him credit for that), but now Ethan refuses to even remove his pants and diaper when he sits on it. ? I don’t know. I find myself wondering how hard to push the issue and when to back off and accept that he’s not ready.


My friend Meg had us over for a delicious dinner a few weeks ago, which included, among other delicious things, a salad. I, however, filled up on the main course (pasta and meatballs, YUM) and, combined with the fact that I was trying to feed a 2-year-old who kept getting stuck in that hole between the seat and the arm of the chair, somehow didn’t manage to find the time to eat any of the salad (though I DID manage to scarf down like 4 pieces of garlic bread, interestingly).

This made Meg sad, because her salad, while great on its own, would have been 27 times greater and more wondrous had I gotten to try the dressing she used on it, and, not having eaten any, I would never know how truly amazing that dressing was. I was missing out. But! Meg had a solution. She oh-so-generously offered me my very own bottle of the heavenly dressing to take with me, in the hopes that I might not have to live an unfulfilled, bland life without knowing it’s glory.

You think I am talking this dressing up, don’t you? It’s a salad dressing, it can’t be that good, certainly not “wondrous” and “heavenly” and all those other talking-up-words I used. Right?

Prepare yourself, because I am about to become a salesman for Farmer Boy Restaurant’s Greek Dressing. Oh. My. Goodness. I can TOTALLY see why (I apologize if you didn’t want this revealed to the world (all 47 of you), Meg) the woman has this stuff shipped to her by the case from Florida. I AM FILLING OUT MY OWN ORDER FORM NOW. You are not alone. It is THAT FREAKING GOOD. After dinner tonight I almost had a second salad, even though I surely would have vomitted from being so full (I tend to eat fast and thus overeat a bit; I blame the baby. Because I can.). I was willing to risk vomitting for this dressing. The only reason I didn’t go for salad no. 2 was that Ethan was covered in dinner and needed a bath to wash the spaghetti sauce out of his hair and ears.

Meg- I wonder if we could combine our orders and save on shipping?


There’s really no reason for posting this, as the only people other than me who will find it at all interesting are probably Ethan’s grandmothers (I’m sorry, but that word- grandmother– makes you guys sound so old! No offense, or anything.). But since Ethan’s been talking these last few months, some of the things he says are just HILARIOUS. I wanted to share a couple of the funny words he has for things:

*English: milk

Ethanese: mooot (possibly derived from the sound the cow makes as it is giving said liquid)

*English: library

Ethanese: yaddie

*English: P.U. (I struggled with this one; is it an abbreviation for something? Or is it actually “p u” that we are saying? For that matter, does anyone other than me actually even say this anymore? And if it is an abbreviation, what words are we shortening here? I’ll have to look into this more thoroughly.)*

Ethanese: B.D. (Or “b d,” depending on what my research finds.) (Perhaps he knows more about this whole P.U./p u debate than I.)

*English: soccerball

Ethanese: dakkyda

*English: basketball

Ethanese: bakkenda

*English: basketball hoop

Ethanese: bakkenda woop

If not for the probably 100 other words that he says perfectly clearly and correctly, I would be worried. Extra worried, given that a whole lot of this is still going on:


*Oh. Not so much of a mystery anymore.



5 responses

21 07 2007
Don Carr

Just curious … if the Eagle isn’t now what you think a post newspaper should be, how would you do it differently?

21 07 2007
Ethans oma

That last response sounded more like a challenge to me.

21 07 2007

Don: I was poking fun at the small scale of the newspaper. For example, the way you see things like trash cans that someone reported as stolen, only to find out that the wind merely blew them down the street, being reported in the Crimes section of a small town newspaper. I really didn’t mean anything negative by my comment.
In fact, I enjoy reading the Eagle, mostly for those same small town things that I was making fun of; the Eagle is actually my main source for finding out about the events taking place on post.
I wouldn’t do anything differently, except maybe make sure that all the articles had been spell checked prior to publishing, perhaps. 😉 You’re not by any chance looking to hire someone for just that purpose, are you? Just thought I’d check.

22 07 2007

Wow, I feel great because I got 3.5 paragraphs about ME in the blog! Now I am world-famous!!!! What if there’s a run on the dressing now, and there’s none left for us? Good thing I have 6 bottles in my closet…

And I don’t think we’d be able to save on shipping, but it’s worth a try!

Shoot me an email if you ever finish HP…I’m interested to hear what someone else thought.

24 07 2007

Meg! The site says they sell the dressing at Giant! I’m gonna have to look into this…

Also, have you ever tried using it as a marinade? It suggests that the dressing is a great marinade on the label, so I tried it with steak the other night. I let it marinate from 9am to 5pm and you couldn’t even tell. It was so disappointing.

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