Back to life, back to reality

15 07 2007

So we’re back. The same trip that took us 9.5 hours to get there (thank you, DC area traffic) took us only 6.5 to get back. And even though that greuling first half of the journey did get us off to a Rough Start, which then became a Rough Continuance what with the dead cat, the weather, and the loss of the dollar movie that I already mentioned, things did get better.

jam1.jpgBefore going I made a list (I’m a born list-maker- I can’t get up in the morning without recording it in a list of some kind first (“Things To Do Today: 1. Get up. 2. Shower. 3. Eat breakfast.” and so on.)) of the things I wanted to do while we were in Erie for those two weeks: my mom and I went to Mason Farms and picked raspberries, which we then made into jam which came out AWESOME. I finally opened up a savings account for Ethan and deposited all the money he’s gotten since he was born, minus one check (who knew you only have 90 days, and not two years, to cash a check?). And we hit up Waldameer one afternoon where I almost cried as Ethan rode a ride all by himself- seriously, tears almost flowed as he rode away in his little horse-pulled cart. It’s a good thing it only took that cart about 7 seconds to make a complete revolution, or I don’t know what I would have done.

It was great to see all our family, but I have to say that the high point of the trip for me came when Ethan finally realized that nothing was going to jump up and bite his bottom, and he gave in and sat on the potty (or as he calls it, the “bobby”) for the first time. His reward, which I’m now regretting having offered, was about 4 M&M’s (“em em ems” Ethan says, over and over and OVER again). I don’t even have to tell you that as soon as the candy was gone, Ethan was asking to “use” the bobby again. “Are you sure?” I asked him. His response: “Em em em!” And do I have to tell you that “using” the bobby so far does not even involve actually putting anything into the toilet? Bum on seat = em em ems. Greeeeat.

Also while in Erie, a strange thing happened. My belly grew overnight from this to this (taken today, so if you want to get technical, its not 18 weeks but 18 weeks 1 day… also, note that I’m wearing a different outfit this time!*):


Hm. While I’ve ruled out the first ever baby to drop at 18 weeks, I haven’t ruled out the possibility of either multiples OR that my unborn child has somehow managed to smuggle snacks in there.

*I have to confess: when I realized earlier tonight that I hit 18 weeks yesterday and thus needed to take a new picture, I actually went and changed my outfit because I was wearing those same pants (Old Navy, and not maternity, just drawstring and a size bigger than my regular size) and tank top (also Old Navy, which I have in both maternity sizes small and medium, but which, as of two days ago, I’ve already moved out of the small and into the medium) again. I find an outfit that is comfortable and fits and I LIVE IN IT.



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15 07 2007

Wow your belly did grow in a week. That is amazing to see.

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