I’ll be brief

10 07 2007

4 more days in Erie, and The Mistake on the Lake has been good to us so far. Aside from that cat I ran over (Cristey assured me through her tears that all the other barn cats always knew it would end that way (‘that way’ being beneath the wheels of an SUV) for little Ricky Retardo the Cat someday), that is. Oh, and aside from the suffocating heat, lack of air conditioning, and the draught, that is. Not to mention the fact that my once beloved Dollar Theater is now the Dollar Fifty Theater. But really, aside from all that, its been nothin’ but fun. I’ll be sure to fill you all in once things return to normal next week.

And before I forget, the 17 week belly photo (featuring the same exact outfit as last week; nothing fits me anymore, I’m running out of options!):




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30 07 2007
Cat-Greek-Pie « Sublime Bedlam

[…] us eat and MEOWing all the time, like he used to be. I wonder if he somehow found out about that thing I did (accidentally) in Erie, and this is how it’s gonna be […]

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