The Dairy Oasis on Rt. 5 saved my life

1 07 2007

Ah, good ‘ol Erie, PA. I knew I could count on you for something:


I’m a day late, but here’s how the 16-week belly is looking:


That’s it for now.  Since we’re on vacation (didn’t know people went to Erie for vacation, did you?), I’ll probably be slacking in the posting department.  I had to get the belly pic up, though, and also, I want to mention really quick that I just got an e-mail informing me that I’ve won a Naughty Pet. How cool is that? And even cooler– Cool Mom Picks, for running the contest and featuring tons of other cool products everyday.



2 responses

2 07 2007

Your belly seemed to have doubled! “Cool Mom Picks” is now bookmarked on my computer – what a neat site. Enjoy your time in Erie (yes, we always “vacation” in Erie too….I’m glad not to be the only one)!

3 07 2007
RookieMom Whitney

Your belly looks great. Check mine out at my personal blog!

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