Confessions, Crafts, and signs that The End is nigh

27 06 2007

This site has probably been around awhile, but it’s new to me. And I am now insanely obsessed with reading others’ confessions. Some make me nod my head and go “Uh, huh- I hear ya, sister!” while I shake my fist in the air, and others make me laugh so hard that I have to run to the bathroom and pee, although sadly, these days that isn’t saying much. Especially since the other day, mere seconds after I’d just gone pee (seconds– I was still washing my hands), I sneezed and a little came out. The joys of motherhood/pregnancy, I tell ya- I’m a nonstop bodily fluid party.


First completed project for the new baby:


A Taggie.

Next up: my own version of the Hooter Hiders.


We are officially on The Last Pacifier. I told Ethan when I was getting it out for him that it was The Last One, and I explained that after this one was all gone, there would be No More Pacifiers. Then he started crying. I am not looking forward to The End- the day I find this thing with a hole chewed in it. I’m actually seriously frightened.

Fortunately for me, however, this morning Ethan and I will be running some last minute errands before we leave for Erie for a few weeks, and one of these errands includes buying one last pacifier. I know, I know- I said I wouldn’t do it. And I would stick to that, IF we weren’t going out of town. I can’t do the “cry it out” thing once The Last Pacifier has passed away while we’re out of town, in an unfamiliar place, when he’s not even in his own bed, for goodness’ sakes. I just can’t. Can’t. do. it.


Also, the weirdness? With the cars? And the arranging? It gets weirder:


Lock your doors, people. Something strange is going down…



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