Sealed With A Kiss. NOT.

25 06 2007

I have no doubt that my son loves me. I mean, how could you not love the person who not only lovingly wipes your bum clean of poop, but sits there fanning it afterwards, making sure that it’s all dry before gently applying the Desitin?

I don’t think he likes me, though. He likes to give out hugs and kisses, but only to his father. When Jeff asks “Now can you give Mommy a hug?” Ethan will do one of two things: he will either turn his lip up in disgust and shake his head no, or he will smile sweetly, open his arms AS IF he were going to hug me, and then back away giggling at the last second- “Tricked you, Mommy! You thought I was going to hug you! You are so easy.”

It may be the pregnancy hormones, but tonight I was having a hard time dealing with his lack of fondness for me. After 8 refusals to hug me and 13 fake-out hugs, I’d had enough. I desperately started following him around saying things like “But you hug Daddy all the time. And Baby Football. You even hug your CARS. Why can’t you give your mother a hug???” He looked at me and opened his arms. I asked, “You’re going to hug me? Really?” And he replied, “Daddy?” I sighed. “In the bathroom.” And he took off for the bathroom.

We went into his room and started getting him ready for bed. After the teeth were brushed and the pj’s on, Jeff was about to hand him his pacifier and Spiderman. Instead, he gave the pacifer to me. “Hey, Ethan,” I said. “I’ll give you your pacifier if you give me a hug…” He thought for a few seconds. To my shock, he came over and hugged me. As promised, I handed over the pacifier. Next Jeff handed me Spiderman. “I’ll give you Spiderman if you give me a kiss.” He leaned in, touched his mouth to my cheek, and said “Mmwa!”

Then he turned away, and said “Eeew!”

“I just bribed my son for love he didn’t want to give me!” I cried.

“No, not love- affection,” Jeff corrected.

I wonder which one of them is the founder of the I Hate Caley/Mommy Club? It’s a toss up.

I’m going to go drown my sorrows in Cap’n Crunch now.



“NO! I will NOT show my mother any affection! I REFUSE!”




3 responses

25 06 2007

I think kids take it for granted the parent they see the most. They tend not to give as much “sugar” as the parent they see less.

I think the reason is that he is happy and content that you are there. It doesn’t have to miss you because you are there to greet him in the morning and to tuck him in at night. But he doesn’t see Daddy as much so he feels he has to give him something extra.

26 06 2007

did you just say that my son gives me “sugar”? now, i’m going to have to say “ewwww!”.

26 06 2007


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