A (birth)day in the life of a 2-year-old

21 06 2007

I am a horrible mother blogger: Ethan turned 2 last week and I didn’t post in honor of the big day! My license should be revoked, seriously. My… blogging license. Yeah. Or something.

Well, I’m 8 days late, but here it is- I documented the day with photos so we could look back on it when he’s 22 and reminisce (‘reminisce’= prove to his girlfriend that he did, in fact, carry around a babydoll):


The birthday boy himself, first thing in the morning.



Ethan and Baby Football watch some Sesame Street while Mommy…




…prepares a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs and cinnamon waffles! (Note the bit of belly that snuck into the bottom of the picture.)




“This is AMAZING!” he seems to be saying.




After some coloring and some Clifford and some whining, we played with blocks. First, we built with blocks on the floor. But that got boring.




So then we built with blocks on Mommy’s lap. That got old quick, too.




Then we built with blocks on the couch. That lasted all of 3 minutes. Then it was naptime.


While visions of wagons danced in Ethan’s napping head, Daddy decorated his Spiderman birthday cake.




Naptime over, Ethan was energized and ready to dance and play with “boooons!”




We brought out his birthday present- I think he likes it.




Yeah, we are officially Cool Parents.




And Ethan is officially a Cool Kid.




Back inside to sing “Happy Birthday!” But, ugh- Ethan hates this song.




Cake, though… cake he likes. Especially since he’s devised a way that allows him to eat it even faster- as many forks as you can handle!

Happy Birthday, Ethan!



One response

21 06 2007
ethans oma

I hope you had a great day ! And you ARE a cool kid, that hat proves it !

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