Binky Haters, Anonymous

20 06 2007

bed.jpg “Change” is not Ethan’s middle name. It’s probably not any toddler’s middle name (or any human’s name, first, last or middle, for that matter). My point is that Ethan doesn’t deal with change too well; we, as his parents, know this, and so when we decided to transition to the toddler bed from the crib, we were prepared for potential years of misery. And that’s why we decided it would be best to deal with one new thing at a time; we’d deal with the bed situation now, and address the pacifier and potty issues later.

spiderman_bunny.jpgFortunately for all of us, it didn’t take years for Ethan to get used to the new bed (although it certainly felt like it at times). He’s totally used to it now, and hasn’t even fallen out of bed in a few weeks (that I know of). Sooo, this means we must be on to bigger and better things! Do we now deal with the pacifier? He is only 2; it’s not like he’s 6 and still walking around with a binky in his mouth. Plus, since the age of about 7 months, he’s only used it to sleep (unlike the 4- or 5-year-old girl I saw at the grocery store a few weeks ago, riding in the cart, just chillin’ with her Capri Sun, her US Weekly and her binky…). But, if you asked Ethan, he’d tell you that he NEEDS his pacifier when he sleeps, just as much as he NEEDS his Spiderman. He asks for it as soon as it’s bed or nap time. I honestly don’t want to be the one to have to inform him that he’s not getting the pacifier tonight. He undoubtedly will shoot the messenger of this dreadful news.

Or do we begin the joy that is potty training? Aside from his video and randomly shouting out “Poopa!” at the most inappropriate times, Ethan has shown no interest in the task. In addition, I was warned by his pediatrician at his most recent check up last week that even if we do make some headway with the potty training, it’ll all most likely go straight down the toilet (HA!) as soon as we bring home the new baby, who’s not only stealing the limelight away from his big brother, but also wearing the diapers that big brother so loves.

However, something strange has been happening around here lately… something that may make this decision of Which Change to Push on My Toddler Next? for me. Three times in the past three weeks I have gone into Ethan’s room in the morning to get him up, and when he’s handed me his pacifier to put away till naptime, as he normally does, I’ve noticed that the pacifier doesn’t quite look the same as it did the night before when he was given it. It looks as if it has been ravaged by a crocodile, or chewed to bits by a puppy:



I’m not going to replace these chewed up pacifiers. I’ve thrown out three so far, and I think we’ve got two left. That’s two pacifiers to go through before we have NO MORE PACIFIERS. And then what? Then Ethan chews up and spits out me, that’s what. And no one in our house gets any sleep, ever again. And the sky falls down and the world ends.

Are you scared? I AM.



4 responses

20 06 2007

Oh boy, the Adams’ are in for it. Good luck and enjoy the last two binkies, because that will be the end of peace and quite for a while! 🙂 I am scared for you!

20 06 2007

Maybe since you’ve started so early on the toilet training, it will be ingrained in him by the time the new baby comes? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, but I’ll concede that your pediatrician knows more than I do about toddler development.
I clicked on the link for the video, and I note that “Potty Time With Elmo” is “Not Rated.” What would it be rated if not G anyway?

27 06 2007
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