Kind of like crop circles

19 06 2007

I don’t know what this means, but it has to mean something:



Ethan has amazing lining up/arranging skills? Ethan is, as I’ve long suspected, a child genius? Ethan is monumentally bored with his dim old mother and has to find something, anything, more exciting to occupy his time? The aliens are coming? I’m not sure. But I just know there is meaning behind this.


Here it is, folks- the first official belly picture of this pregnancy:


It’s there. See it? See it?? This was taken at 13 1/2 weeks. The day before, I’d gone in for a check up and, amazingly, especially given the content of my last post, I was told that when next my doctor saw me, I’d “better bring with me a weight gain.” Apparently I’ve lost two pounds since my last visit. Oops.

Well, no need to worry; this past weekend I’m fairly sure that I managed to gain back those two pounds, between all the Five Guys hot dogs and fries, the Coldstone Creamery, the Papa John’s, the Krispy Kremes, and this:


Despicable. A bag of candy this ginormous should not exist outside my dreams. I think it’s meant to be a good buy if you’re, say, filling a pinata, giving out candy at Halloween, or some such event that involves lots of kids. I don’t think it’s meant for one pregnant woman’s hungry mouth.



4 responses

19 06 2007
ethans oma

Ethan IS a genius, I could’ve told you that. He also has his Mommie’s ability/NEED to organize things !! Isn’t my daughter absolutely gorgeous !!

19 06 2007

My husband keeps bringing such evil chocolatey goodness into the house, and I don’t need to gain any weight…

Of course, now that you mention ColdStone, I may ignore that and visit the blissful world of Birthday Cake Remix when I go shopping 😉

20 06 2007

Caley, you look adorable!

20 06 2007

Caley, I think you just described nirvana for women around the world…who wouldn’t love to be told to GAIN weight?

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